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Kid Tech Addictions: The Early Warning Signs & How To Prevent It

From smartphones to LCD screens, and all the way to tablets, our kids are enjoying technological privileges that we never thought of when were growing up. But with such privileges, comes the danger of abuse that requires control measures such as an mSpy location tracker. Besides mSpy location tracker helping you to track your kid’s location, it’s good to understand your kid’s tech addiction and cures.

Is your Child becoming a Tech Addict?

The reason is that smart technology is a two edged sword that can cut either way—constructively and destructively. But how do you know when your child’s use of technology has crossed the safe line and entered the realm of addition?  What preventive measures can you take to keep your child from this addiction? And after detecting an addiction, what measures should you take to help your child out of the web of addiction? You can get the answers to all these questions in the remaining sections of our post.

The Danger Signs

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Just like any other form of addiction, tech device addictions have various signs. In this section of our post, we shall look at some of the technology addiction signs you should look out for before taking remedial and preventive measures.

  • Social isolation: Kids who are addicted to tech devices suffer social isolation. The reason is that they are glued to a world of fantasy where they lose touch with the real world and their sense of interaction with normal social affairs of life is impaired. That is why they find comfort in the virtual world technology offers them at the expense of the real world.
  • Sleep disorders:This symptom comes in because these young ones are locked in disorder where they do not know when to sleep and when to play games or send tweets.
  • Poor self-esteem:A child’s proper sense of self-esteem is directly connected to their interaction with fellow humans. The reason is that the kid can only get the affirmation of their human worth from people when they spend time with them. But once they shape their lives around screens that cannot express care and affirmation to them, low self esteem creeps in naturally.
  • Excessive desire to use tech devices: Addicted kids also exhibit an excessive desire to use the device/s they are addicted to. They will also manifest an excessive request to use the gadget. When you deny them usage, you will see the kid throwing tantrums.
  • Disengaging from other healthy activities: An addicted child insists on going on to use their gadget and refuse to perform other important activities such as sleeping, eating, or playing.
  • Obsession with video or games characters:An addicted kid will also show excessive obsession with the characters they interact with in movies or games.
  • Dropping academic standards: When a child is under addiction, they will spend their time with their devices instead of studying. Consequently, their studies suffer.

Preventive Measures

If your child is manifesting any of the symptoms we have covered in the previous section, you don’t need to fall in despair. Here are some of the measures you can take to remedy the situation and prevent it where it has not occurred.

Institute Tech-Free Moments

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First on our list of measures you should take to prevent your kid from becoming a tech addict is instituting moments where everyone switches off tech gadgets. You need to designate moments such as family meal times, family times out playing, homework time, and sleeping where is it illegal to play or interact with tech devices.

Fix Hours

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Besides the benefits that come with mSpy location tracker, you can protect your kid from tech addiction by fixing designated hours where they are allowed to play or interact with their devices. We know it is a tough task because kids abhor structured dealings but as a caring parent, you have no option but to impose them. The reason is that if you don’t their lives will soon crumble for the lack of the same thing they don’t “like.” As a responsible parent, remember one of the ten commandments of responsible parenting that says, “Thou shalt not give thy child what they like but only that which they need…”

Designate Usage Venues

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If you want to remedy the situation, it is necessary to designate proper venues for engaging their smart devices. For instance, you can set rules where the child is allowed to interact with their devices in the living room and not allow them to disappear into their private rooms for long without knowing what they are doing.

 “Confiscate” the Device After Use

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Additionally, you can deal with an addiction and prevent it where it has not taken place by “confiscating” the gadgets after use. For instance, if you allow your child access to the TV for one hour per day, switch it off immediately. If you permitted them to play games for an hour after doing their homework, you ought to take the device and lock it up until the next session of engagement. This way, you will ensure that they do not take the devices into their bedrooms and waste their sleep time on them.

Monitor Usage Through Joint Engagement

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In addition, you can prevent and remedy an addiction by encouraging joint device usage. For instance, take time and play the games together so that you can use that moment to instill moral and family values, interact with the child, and communicate.

Institute Training

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Besides using mSpy location tracker from sources like, you can institute training. You should take time to teach your kids the value of moderation in the way they use their tech devices. Also, teach them the dangers of tech addiction.

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Tech addiction among kids is real, and it manifests in different ways. By knowing what these signs are, you are in a better position to prevent tech gadget addiction and remedy it where it is already entrenched. We believe the insights we have shared will help you to take charge of how your kids use smart tech devices.

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