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Music Everywhere: Benefits of Having Radio Playing in the Background

There are plenty of studies that reveal the impact music has on the human brain. There is no doubt that music can help stimulate the brain in different ways, which is why businesses are using music for serious commercial purposes. At supermarkets, for example, the tunes are carefully selected to persuade customers to shop more.

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7 Undeniable Benefits Of Listening To Music

Having your favorite digital radio playing in the background while studying or working is also very beneficial. The combination of music and radio hosts delivering important information is stimulating the brain just as effectively. Here are the top three benefits you can anticipate from having the radio playing in the background.

Stimulate Creativity

The sound coming from your Pure Evoke is actually helping your brain be more creative. When faced with challenges that require creative thinking, having a bit of noise in the background helps. The music and radio show you hear at medium volume will help you find ideas that you haven’t thought of before.

Volume is the key in this case. You need to keep the radio playing at a moderate volume; not too low and not too high. Set the volume too low, and the sound coming out of your digital radio is regarded as noise and ignored. Set the volume too loud, on the other hand, and you will lose focus and find the radio show playing in the background to be too distracting.

There is another way to enhance this particular effect, and that is by creating a stimulating playlist on music streaming services like Spotify. Some models, such as the Evoke C-F6 and the Evoke F3, have built-in Spotify Connect, so you can play your favorite songs in high-quality while solving creative problems.

It Helps You Focus

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Your Aging Brain Will Be in Better Shape If You’ve Taken Music Lessons

Another way music can help you with work or study is by helping you focus better. For this purpose, you have to set the volume slightly lower than before. I used to find music playing in my ears – through a pair of earphones – is very distracting. Switching to a digital radio or a Bluetooth speaker enhances the effect music has on focus.

A lot of students who are taking online MBA programs from top names such as the Northeastern University find music helpful in keeping them focused on the course materials. These ACCSB online MBA students are obliged to study in their own time and environment, which is why staying focused is a must.

Mood-Boosting Properties

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Music isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!

Even the most complicated tasks can be completed better when you are in a good mood and you love what you are doing. This is the final advantage that having music in the background brings to the table. To improve productivity and boost the quality of your work, leaving the radio on at the office is an idea worth trying.

There is no shortage of mood-boosting songs to choose from, too. Some will get you so pumped up that you start working faster and more efficiently without you even realizing.

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