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80+ Nostalgic & Epic Video Game Magazine Cover Art & Vintage Design Print Ads From The Past – Geek Inspiration

So I found this epic 90’s playlist on spotify (love spotify) that i’ve been listening to and all these memories of my childhood kept rushing back to me – and what did I do a LOT during my childhood? Well lots of things, but one of the things I did the most was probably read Video Game Magazines for Hourrrsssss. I had so many. I still have a lot of them. But the times I had with those magazines were probably the best times i’ve had in my childhood life! So I decided to put together some of my favorite magazine cover arts with some more print ads (I had probably at least half of these magazines – EGM, GamePro, NextGen, Nintendo Power, etc.) – let the nostalgia take you over and inspire you! You can even click through and download some of these magazines I believe since they are long out of print – that is epic. If you like this then we did a few geeky nostalgia print ad & vintage video game art posts in the past, check those out – and as always enjoy!

Such a good game lol – Classic

I Specifically remember picking this magazine up from my stack of magazines so many times – I was about 8 or 9

Holy Crap, I used to always want to win that, it was a “giveaway ad” in almost every issue of every game mag in the 90’s, I would sit and think about what I would do with all that awesomeness (of course I never won, wonder if anyone ever did? haha)

lol @ 5th bullet point – PLUGS INTO THE TV WOW lol

Used to pick this one out of my stack quite a few times as well

Used to love GameFan – they had the coolest artwork & Illustrations in the beginning

I just remembered I used to dislike how GamePro magazine was stapled together, the cover would always try to come off after some wear and tear lol

Used to LOVE the Sears Catalog – this is awesome tho, you can see the prices your parents payed lol

Oh the memories. I used to love MK Trilogy So Much.

DOOM. such an epic game.

Castlevania: Symphony of The Night – best castlevania game (nay, any game) everrrr

So many hours were spent playing Goldeneye 007 for N64

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      no problem, glad you liked them! I am lucky to have a childhood full of memories from them!

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    HOLY EPIC….WOW! So many gaming memories! This is easily the best retro blog post I’ve stumbled upon in weeks. You’ve made twelve year old me extremely happy! 🙂

    • 4

      Thanks I am glad you like it! Yeah haha – the 12 year old me, made me write this stuff I do believe 😀 Enjoy the epic retroness!

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