Is your Organic Traffic Falling? Here’s What to Do

Google has become smarter over the years! It has gone through some changes and so, it might be possible that your organic traffic has fallen. An active decline in the organic traffic is a sign of trouble and you need to act quickly! A temporary drop is not a cause of concern because it will eventually increase. The SEO battle is not easy to win because you have to be smart enough to achieve triumph. You are at the right place! If your organic traffic is falling, we will tell you about some basic tips to follow.

Manual Penalty May Be the Cause

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Manual penalty is basically a Google penalty which has a negative on a website. Using black-hat SEO techniques could lead to getting this penalty from Google. You will get a notification saying that your website has been penalized. Google detects the manipulative and suspicious links that direct to your site and it removes your website. Trust us when we say this that it is not good news for you! If your website has got the manual penalty then the organic traffic will instantly drop and you would need to take necessary steps to fix it. How to correct it? Let us find out!

  1. Remove plagiarized content. It is a disease for your site which needs to be removed and cured! Never place plagiarized content on your site!
  2. Over spamming could be the cause. Reduce the number of keywords. Hiring a good SEO writer will help you to place relevant content which does not have over spamming. A good writer will not stuff keywords in the article. They use software to check for over spamming and waterly words. You can get good SEO writers from at a reasonable price. They understand the importance of creating original content which does not have over-spamming.
  3. Once you are done with the above steps, wait for the penalty to be lifted or you can appeal to Google.

What if you did not get manual penalty?

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If your site has not received penalty then it is time to check the root cause of the fall in organic traffic. It might be specific keywords that are not in demand. You need to concentrate on placing relevant content on the site. Check competitor’s website as to what strategies they are using. Hiring a good writer is the most important step because content is king. Contentmart will help you with that! All you need to do is create an account and post your project. You will find a good writer on Contentmart, who will make your site alluring with good content.

Observe the changes

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It is important to observe your competitors. Have they upped their game by using new strategies? You would need to find out the most searched keywords to be back in the game. There may be a competitor’s site which was not doing well but they hired a content writing company and got back in the game. You can get back in the game too! You need an SEO expert for this! If you cannot see your website going down the drain, you should hire an SEO expert from Contentmart. It is reasonable and so, it will not burn a hole in your pocket. Your competitors are surely spending more on their SEO campaigns and so, they are doing well. You need to make an investment too!

Create Stronger Links

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Unfortunately there is no quick fix for this. You would need to make corrections in your site. You need to remove unnecessary content that nobody is reading. You need to create stronger links for building a stronger website. The readers want information and you need to provide them with relevant content. Do not go for low-quality content because nobody will read it. Invest in high quality content and that should be your strategy. The rule for being the best website is to place relevant and high quality seo content. Create links that are strong. You can take a tutorial of building backlinks or you can hire a professional to do that.

Final Verdict

Do not worry too much because there is a fix for everything. Technology gives us chances to improve and use better techniques. Make sure you do not repeat the same mistakes. Avoid over-spamming and creating harmful backlinks. We would advise you to hire an expert because good quality content and the right SEO strategies are important. Repeating the same mistakes will not help your site. Invest in quality content and build better links. Getting a manual penalty from Google is not a good sign. It is time to build a strategy and be back in the game. Always keep a close look at the competitor’s strategies. You will learn a lot by observing!

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