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Smartphone Applications Represent Half Of Smartphone Usage

Developing An App To Capitalize

 Smart phone application represents half of usage 2

As it turns out, the delineation between mobile app use and web use on smartphones is split about fifty/fifty. Technically it’s split 49% to 51%, but that’s a difference which will swing one way or the other continuously until it is established which echelon of usage most generally represents smartphone application.

What is sure is that if you want to remain relevant today as a business, large or small, your chances of doing so increase dramatically as mobile applications become available. The key is cost-effectively developing and deploying them. One of the best ways to do that is to take a moment, examine existing apps, and learn from them.

The twenty-five most popular apps include Facebook, Google Search, Google Play, Gmail, Google Maps, Instagram, Twitter, and several others. Consider what people use the most, and use that information to help structure your development process. What we see here is that search engines, email, travel, and social media are predominant.

In one way, you want your business visible whenever someone is using such top-tier apps; that’s an echelon of content marketing that modern advertisement professionals with SEO specialization can help you with. When you consider an application, it should be something that consolidates searches, social media, and e-mail.

At least, according to what the data suggests. Certainly, you can develop a game which features advertisement pertaining to your products or services. You can approach the issue obliquely, subtly pushing potential clients to your site. Or you can be direct.

Determining What Your App Should Look Like

Smart phone application represents half of usage 3

What you want to do is examine the services your business offers, and what kind of mobile applications your demographic uses. This will mean studying your demographic and determining how such statistics can be put to good use.

Ultimately, the kind of application you develop will be up to you; some are going to be more cost-effective than others. What’s absolutely sure is that whatever kind of app you develop, it’s going to need to be visible and easy to download onto a phone. It should be useful in a non-marketing way to achieve increased levels of download.

Once you’ve designed and launched your perfect app, you’re still not done. You’ll need app monitoring solutions to maximize your mobile apps; but this is complicated, which is why you should go with a group like Stackify whose stated goal has always been: “…to improve how developers monitor and troubleshoot application problems.”

One of the most useful features of the modern app market is that many of the development tools involved in application design and distribution are entirely free, and can be accessed online with a Google search.

Today’s market has a ubiquity of regulations and shifting social influence which predicates the usage of any and all tools available for the positive development of your operations.

The Future Is Now, And Here’s How It Looks

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The Internet of Things gives Ecommerce a Boost

Technologically, mobile internet access is becoming a more integral portion of modern society. That trend is on the increase, and tapping into it has become recommended across the board. As the Internet of Things becomes more pervasive, apps which can utilize such tech will have greater profitability.

Your business can expand a lot of ways, and certain marketing ideals of the old school will always apply. But additionally, you’ll have to be cognizant of burgeoning trends in order to exploit them as necessary. Application development has transcended the theoretical and become socially ingrained; it’s time to get onboard.

If you can develop an application that captures the imagination of your demographic and is continuously maintained with top-tier open source monitoring tools, you can capture a greater quotient of your market.

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