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Wining and Dining Your Way to Romance

It can be tough to stay connected to your significant other. There’s work to do and bills to pay, there’s kids to pick up from school, there’s a house to clean and a dog to take outside. It all adds up to a situation where people put their relationship at the bottom of a long list of other priorities. It’s super common, but it’s also unfortunate.

Tell your partner you want to have a date night, and stick to it. Don’t let them say that there’s just no time or that you can’t afford it. In fact, if they’re worried about figuring out logistics, do them a favor and call a trusted friend or family member who would be happy to baby-sit. That’s one less thing they have to worry about, and the point is to put aside all the other worries of life and just focus on each other as romantic partners, not as parents or roommates or anything else.

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If you want to, feel free to make a reservation at your favorite restaurant in town, but you know what’s even better? Cooking a decadent meal for you and your significant other at home. You don’t have to think about feeding the meter or tipping your waiter, and you get the pride of making something with your own hands.

It’s up to you if you want to start with a wine and find food to match, or start with food and find a wine to match. But whichever way you go, don’t overlook the wines made in Australia’s Yarra Valley. It’s located east of Melbourne in the state of Victoria, and it’s known for producing chardonnay, Pinot noir, dry red wine, and other great varieties.

Chardonnay goes great with white meats like chicken, while Pinot noir pairs well with things like salmon and pasta. But you should also think of your sweetheart’s favorite foods. Prepare something that you’ll both enjoy. It’s true that oysters are known as an aphrodisiac, but that won’t matter if your significant other absolutely hates seafood.

So pick something that you feel confident about making. It shouldn’t be a dish so complicated that just cooking it takes hours and makes you too exhausted to sit down and enjoy a candlelit dinner with your beloved. Be generous with your time but realistic about your capabilities. Not everyone is a five-star Michelin chef, and that’s OK. Check this out for more great ideas for making a romantic moment!

Looks Aren’t Everything… But They Don’t Hurt

15 Great Tips To Make It A Memorable Romantic Dinner At Home

Make sure that the presentation of the food is nice as well. No one wants to eat a fancy meal served on dinky paper plates. Take a look at the delicate porcelain patterns crafted by Philippe DeShoulieres and imagine making those dishes a part of your date night.

Don’t forget dessert, too. There’s nothing like a bit of chocolate or ice cream to complete the night’s meal. And while you’re enjoying the fruits of your labor with the fruits of the vineyard, talk to your partner. Ask them questions you’ve been meaning to ask them for a while about their hopes and fears, and all the things they’re thinking about but haven’t quite been able to express. Then when the food is gone and all the wine has been poured, see where the rest of the night takes you.

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