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3 Types of People Who Need a VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Many users are not conversant with VPNs, and even if they are, they are not fully aware of its many benefits they can enjoy.

While VPN service providers have been out there for quite a while, there hasn’t been a consistent need for their services among everyday users.

VPN services were used by employees to get access to company servers and other information over the Internet in the past. However, nowadays VPN service is more useful to regular users than it has ever been before. Below are three types of people who should entirely be using a VPN to acquire resources over unsecured connections and protect themselves against malicious activity.


Clever High School Students Are Using VPNs to Play ‘Fortnite’ in Class

If you’re a high school student, intend to join college, or already a student at the university, you should consider getting a VPN for your PC.

Most learning institutions including limit the access of their network. One major benefit of using a VPN on the university’s network is that you can circumvent these restrictions.

Learning institutions create content blocks in order to restrict access to certain websites such as social media platforms, to ensure students concentrate on academic related issues while browsing on the school’s network.

However, you may need to watch tutorials on YouTube or message a friend on Facebook about an upcoming project. With a VPN you can have freely access a wide range of the websites you want to visit without restricting your learning.

Another reason to use a VPN is to safely access unsecured wifi connections. When you log into various public wifi hotspots, you are exposed to online security risks. A VPN will essentially mask your actual IP address and encrypt your information, eliminating the worries of identity theft and unwanted observation. Instead of leaving your sensitive data and valuable information open to the public, a VPN guarantees secure online connections even when you’re sitting at a coffee shop finishing your homework.

As a university student, you require to do a lot of research to complete your school project. A VPN will enable unlocking International Libraries of Geo-Restricted Content. This way you can have access to books from all the countries in the world.

Frequent Travelers


Anyone who travels regularly needs to make sure that their computer or mobile device is secure. There is no guarantee that the hotel or airport Wifi is safe against cyber-criminals trying to compromise your sensitive information.

Not only will travelers benefit from secure online connections protection. There are other advantages to adding a VPN to your apps. When disguising your location, you can find better air ticket and hotel deals.

Airlines usually practice online price discrimination – essentially displaying different flight prices to Internet users from different countries. For example, if you’re from the United States, you might be viewing highly priced tickets than someone from India. The airline website might display more costly airplane tickets if its website identifies you as a frequent visitor based on your IP address.

You can circumvent this issue by getting a VPN to hide your IP address – either to make it appear you are from a less developed country, or to hide the fact that you’re a frequent visitor.

It is easy for third-party Internet users to snoop on your connection. With a private network such as home or office it might not be that  easy. However, public wifi connections are not encrypted, and often do not even require a password which makes them prime places for cyber-criminals to compromise your privacy.

To avoid this problem use a VPN. A virtual private network will not only channel your connection through a private network, but it can also encrypt your data.

Movie and TV Fans

WTF is a VPN?


If you’re a serious movie or television fan, you can’t afford to miss the latest episodes of your favourite show, or the release of a new blockbuster hit.


Most TV channels all over the globe offer free TV streaming. You will also discover streaming sites like Popcorn Time.  They use torrents to stream high-quality movies without the need to wait in line at the cinema.


If you’re outside your country, and you find yourself restricted from accessing some of these programs, a VPN can be helpful. VPNs can give you an access to streaming services like BBC iPlayer without interruptions.


Conclusion: Is there anything else?


These are only some few individuals who need a VPN. More and more individuals online are considering using it. VPNs are for everyone even when you are not hiding anything.

Your internet service provider (ISP) can view all your online activities and collect data to advertisers. Consequently, they can change their content according to browsing habits or geographical regions.   


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