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5 Business Tasks That Are Easier to Do Using Intuit Software

Managing accounts is a tough task. For small businesses, hiring a large workforce to maintain accounts is an expensive affair. You do not have to worry about spending too much money on setting up an accounting department. All you need to do is find the right software. Intuit offers QuickBooks as popular and efficient software for all accounting needs.

Here are a few tasks, that this Intuit software can help you perform.

Create and Manage Invoices

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Creating invoices is integral for receiving and making payments. Managing invoices and keeping track of them takes a lot of time. Simply entering data to create each invoice takes time and effort. Sending and receiving invoices over QuickBooks reduces the time taken for the invoices to be mailed and processed. All you need to do is- create a file and the software will help you maintain the file as and when you make any alterations.

Make Regular Transactions

Some transactions need to be made by businesses on a regular basis. Missing out on deadlines to place the order can have repercussions. You do not have to worry about keeping a track of these orders. QuickBooks can be used to place these recurring transactions on a regular basis. All you need to do is start the system process and pause it when you no longer need to place the regular orders. Until you pause or stop the process, the software will keep placing the order and paying for it at fixed intervals.

Print Checks

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You cannot pay your vendors unless you get the checks printed. The Intuit software will help remind you of the payments and when they need to be made. To finally process the payment, you have to print the checks. For a check to be legal you need the correct check paper. There are many check printing websites. You can opt for intuit check ordering online.  To get the check printed-

  1. Simply insert the check paper into a printer.
  2. Create a check using the Intuit software.
  3. Press print.

Online Banking Functions

It is essential to link your business bank account to QuickBooks. Doing so allows all transactions, made using the software, to be completed from the business account. QuickBooks can withdraw money to make regular payments. The software can put in money to your account when it receives payments.

Keep Track of Employee Time and Payroll

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Apart from your vendors, you need to pay your employees as well. Keeping track of your employee’s working hours is tough without the assistance of a software. Intuit keeps track of the hours that your employees have worked. With the help of that data, the software keeps track of the employee payroll as well. Even if you have outsourced your payroll, QuickBooks helps record and track the outsourced payroll. If you need help look for companies providing small business accounting and enquire.

With the help of this versatile software, you can take care of all your accounting needs. There are many more functions that the software serves. Understand the software before you start using it.

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