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5 Tips for Interior Design Business Success

Becoming an interior designer seems like one of those things that many people want to do, but which seems unattainable, like being a successful author or something. This is not true! If you have a natural talent for putting rooms together well, then it might be a good business idea for you. You’ll need some qualifications and accreditation, of course, but once that’s taken care of the sky will be the limit! But how do you position yourself for interior design business success? We take a look below.

Have All the Experience


Right, there’s no way to put this gently, but: competition can be pretty darn fierce in the interior designer game. While your talents will be the foundation of your success (or lack of), you’ll need to work with existing companies just to get your foot in the game. By completing an internship (or just being a regular employee) or an interior design company, you’ll acquire all the experience you need in order to go out and create your own company. This may mean delaying your own plans for your business by a year or so, but it’ll be the right move in the long run!

Customer Wants First

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You may have a creative mind, one that can see a glorious big picture, but remember: the jobs you handle won’t really be about you. There’ll be about your customers. Even if they have what you think are terrible ideas, you’ll be professionally bound to bring their vision to life if you accept the job. Of course, from time to time you’ll have clients who say “we trust you, give us something good,” but for the most part, you’ll just be lightly putting your creative touch on top of their demands.

Take Care of the “Business” Side

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You’re lucky enough to work in a creative, rewarding industry, but keep in mind that you’re still a business. And as such, you’ll want to ensure that you’re taking care of all the essential business aspects; if not, your company could be in big trouble pretty quickly! You’ll want to get the software that allows you to work effectively. You can use designdocs here; you’ll be able to track your time, manage invoices, create financial reports, and so on. If you know that the business side of your business is well taken care of, you’ll be able to get on with the fun part of your job in peace.

Look to the Future

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As we said above: competition amongst interior designers is tough. To stay ahead of the curve, you need to be forever looking to the future, see what the next great trend is, and learning, too. It’s just a fact of the game that you need to be clued up about what people want in their homes.

Get Ready to Talk

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Finally, get ready to open your mouth. Networking and social media marketing will be a great source of new clients, but they won’t find you if you’re staying silent – so get talking!

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