5 Ways Sustainability Powers the World We Live In

Can you imagine living on the Earth two hundred years from now and seeing what your ancestors left you? Right now, we are balanced on the edge of a knife: advocacy for environmental mindfulness is fighting to rise above the mounting trash we find in landfills, on beaches, and even in the food we consume.

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Little Steps that Can Help Your Company Be More Environmentally Responsible

That future you imagined could be a dying world where the final dregs of life are wading through our waste, or it could be a beautiful place where the people work in harmony with the environment.

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Becoming an Environmentally Aware Traveler

In her 1990 paper Our Rights and Obligations to Future Generations for the Environment, Edith Brown Weiss states, “As members of the present generation, we hold the earth in trust for future generations. At the same time, we are beneficiaries entitled to use and benefit from it.” This couldn’t be more true, and here are five ways this responsibility is powering the world we live in.

Teaches Personal Environmental Responsibility

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How To Be More Environmentally Conscious

We are in the heavy stages of education on this subject. It’s easy to read an article or listen to someone speak on an environmental topic, but when it comes to making changes in your life and habits that align with it, that’s a different story.

Thankfully, parents and teachers are making an effort to use environmentally friendly items. People are increasing their self-reliance by growing their own non-GMO foods and opting for items that are reusable, recyclable, or biodegradable. These are great opportunities to teach others and our children the reason behind these habits and encourage them to think ahead.

Inspires Innovation

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The Fuels of the Future

Because of better education on sustainability, individuals are looking for new ways to work with the environment rather than against it. People are coming up with new ways to meet the world’s sustainability goals, creating their own set of goals in the process.

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Awesome Technology behind the Green Revolution

If they can get these new, innovative ideas into the hands of the right politicians, businessmen, or entrepreneurs, they can contribute to the force seeking to heal the damage already done.

Prompts Community Involvement

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Invest in Industrial Environmental Responsibility

Most communities have committees or clubs dedicated to cleaning up their area. More organizations are popping up to participate in these activities and present new ones that promote education and innovative thinking that individuals may not have access to otherwise. Some of these include a focus on sustainable economies, eco-friendly neighborhoods and parks, water protection, and waste prevention.

Joining with neighbors on these projects helps to broaden perspectives on the sustainability issue. It’s also easier to adopt this new approach to living when you’re doing it alongside people who care about the difference it will make. Take a look at these project ideas to see how you can get more involved.

Stimulates Industrial Change & Improvement

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With all the motivation for individuals to make lifestyle changes that help protect the environment, businesses have identified the need for products and services that fit these new lifestyles and keep their companies relevant. For example, it’s not uncommon to have clean energy generated by solar panels and windmills.

Business-minded people with innovative ideas are jumping into the fray, too. Biofriendly companies like BioLogiQ are creating new products at the starting point, so that bags and packaging fashioned from their plastic resin pellets can now be biodegradable, making the companies who manufacture them more green as well.

Promotes Unity Across Nations

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Top 5 Sustainable Commercial Designs of 2012

Sustainability and environmental protection are gaining more attention throughout the world. This has prompted action on the government level that affects changes and aligns policies with environmentally responsible practices.

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Awesome Technology behind the Green Revolution

Though there may be thousands of ways for us to disagree, this issue may be a unifying force globally. As we work together to honor our stewardship over the Earth, we can also learn to understand one another and work together on new issues that affect us all.

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