Apps to Make Your Business Life Easier

There are a few things about being a freelancer of any type that means you can often be strapped for time. Luckily we live in a world of innovation and invention; if you have a problem in the world of work, then you can bet there is someone out there who is writing the code to create the solution. Below is a list of brilliant apps or websites that can help make your life run a little bit smoother, after all, who doesn’t want that?

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For social media posts in a snip, check out Wordswag. Take a photo, or use a stock photo, write your promo and bingo! All done. There is a bunch of styling options, and you can share it nice and quickly. Making your social media eye catching in a snap.

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If you have a couple of employees, then you might want to check out Asana. It helps you to manage your team without having to send out, and then chase up a million emails. You can assign tasks, update projects as you go along and have a discussion with a tap of a button. Pretty dreamy.

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Lacking in organizational skills? Trello is right up your street. This app allows you to manage multiple projects – ideal if you happen to have a few things on the go at once. You can add people to your Trello, so they can all join in. It is a free app, very visual and a great way to organize projects with anyone you are working with.

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MailChimp – if you are just getting started with email marketing, then really you should be looking at something like this to kick it off. It is easy to use, incredibly responsive design and works just as well on mobile. Research shows people check emails on their mobiles much more than laptops or desktops – so it makes sense to have something like this. It works so well for start-up business and freelancers because it is free up to 2000 subscribers or 12k emails – nice.


Working in investments? Then having an automated trading platform at your fingertips will free up a considerable amount of time. AlgoTerminal is highly intuitive platform with the ability to do backtesting and optimization, live trading, strategy development, trading tools and data and brokerage connections. Basically a time-saving wizard.

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Another Social Media thing to think about, is scheduling. Using platforms like Buffer, Hootsuite or SproutSocial. They can free up a whole month. Buffer has a great content inbox, where you can curate a list of RSS feeds relevant to the topic or audience of your social media channels. That way you have to keep your channels running great content and add fresh or topical items, sales, offers, when you have time to. Great time saver.

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The Best Project Management Software to Get Your Life and Business on Track in 2015

Another super sweet way to free up time is hiring a Virtual Assistant to manage all of the above for you. While being freelance comes with a lot of perks, time management is an essential skill that sometimes online apps can help you achieve.

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