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Going to College? No?

So, you are graduating. High school graduation is one of the best moments in one’s lifetime. But it also posts some very difficult decisions. What are you going to do after high school? Do you want to have a break for at least a year first before deciding on the course you want in college? Are you contemplating on working in McDonald’s? Do you want to be in college right after you graduate? If you said yes to the above questions (other than the whole working in McDonald’s plan, of course), you should start thinking of a college course now. You can be a nurse, an artist, or even a criminal lawyer. To receive more detailed information about a school you can use this source. You see, if you really have a goal in life, something you look forward to in the near future, you better think about what you want to do with your life as early as now.

Say, you want to be a criminal lawyer and perform your practice in your neighborhood in Maryland. Okay. Maybe you do not want to be a criminal lawyer. Maybe you want to be a teacher and try to inspire bored and uninterested students. If you are mentally and emotionally masochistic and you enjoy teaching (or playing authority over) apathetic kids, then you are very fit to be a teacher.

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However, if you are selfish, if you do not want unnecessary disturbance in your life, you can choose a profession that does not include children. If you are good at math, perhaps you can be an engineer or an architect. If you are good at English, be a writer or an editor. If you are good at debate and logical stuff, perhaps you can be a criminal lawyer or a corporate litigator. If you are good at science, perhaps you can choose nursing or biology.

The great thing is you can choose anything. Just be sure that the course you choose is within the radar of your capabilities. For example, in order to be a good criminal lawyer, it is not enough that you are good at debate. You should also have a deep knowledge of the law. So it will do you much good if you take up political science as a course in college first. But there is really a long and tumultuous path to becoming a bona fide lawyer. If you do not want to undergo such ordeal, you can go for professions that only include one four-year course and not eight whole years of studying.

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Whatever it is you want to be in the future may not necessarily require you to go to the college. However, it is always a plus in your credibility if you went to college. I know that there are a lot of successful people who did not even go to college. But since you are still young, why do not you try this one for now? You will never know. You might actually enjoy it. After all, the best thing about youth is you get to experience everything, right? Why do not you take your chances?

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