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Upcoming Mobile App Trends in 2019

The mobile market has evolved greatly in recent years, and it’s safe to say that efficient and popular mobile app development companies will continue to grow with it. A huge priority recently has been the user experience (UX) when using apps.

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Put simply, this term refers to the convenience of use of an app and its ability to satisfy consumers. Apps with a pleasing UX are much more likely to thrive, as frustrating a user for even a moment can be all it takes to ensure they give up on your app forever. Of course, that isn’t quite everything—with more advancement in technology, we’ll continue to see more evolving trends. Here are a few you can expect to see more of next year.


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It’s pretty amazing how far AI has come in recent years, and its presence in the mobile market is obvious. By learning a user’s habits, a mobile device can now guide the user toward content suited to them. We can speak to our mobile devices and communicate in ways thought once to be mere science fiction. The possibilities of AI are nearly endless, and perhaps a little scary.

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But imagine something like a Watson app in the future that could accurately diagnose illnesses and prescribe treatment. While me may not see sentient machines or need to fear the wrath of Skynet any time too soon, you can bet we’ll be seeing more AI advancements all the time.

Augmented Reality (AR)

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While it wasn’t the first mobile game/device to use it, the incredible success of Pokémon GO brought AR into the public eye. By essentially using the phone’s camera to take video of the environment and placing classic Pokémon over it, the app allowed many people to achieve a childhood dream of actually going outside and catching Pokémon.

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Regardless of what you might think of that franchise, the potential of this technology is pretty incredible. It could possibly have a great effect on how we interact with the environment in the future and perhaps even how we socialize. There’s currently a developer working on an AR app to turn your own home into a haunted house. You know those horror movies where the investigators can only see ghosts through their cameras/electronics instead of the naked eye? You’ll be able to experience something just like that. While that experience may not be for the faint of heart, expect to see plenty more products like this in the near future.

Content-Centered Apps

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Our obsession with our mobile devices hasn’t been exactly great for our attention spans. Nevertheless, that won’t stop designers from adapting with apps that grab our attention with content in a matter of seconds. We’re already seeing plenty of businesses using apps to create personalized experiences for users based on their location.

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We’ve also seen older models like Amazon’s recommendation system, which has proved insanely successful. While it’s easy to see the cynical motivation for app designers to use more personalized experiences to get us to reach for our wallets, it’s also interesting to consider other ways a personalized content-centered approach could be used.


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While biometric authorization isn’t a new concept by any means, it is becoming more commonplace. Fingerprint scanning for mobile devices has been out for a few years, and we’re now seeing more advanced techniques like facial recognition and iris scanning in certain models. While these aren’t yet as effective as some people might like, they’re a strong reminder that the technology is growing, and it isn’t going anywhere. Biometrics are particularly interesting as they needn’t apply just to our mobile devices. If perfected, this technology could provide incredible security measures to all aspects of life.

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These technologies simply scratch the surface of how mobile apps and devices will continue to evolve and impact our world. Still, you can be confident we’ll be seeing much more of the ones mentioned here in 2019.

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