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Want to Improve Your Designs? Here are 5 ways to Improve Your Work Fast with Pre-Built Websites

You’ve probably more than once delivered a design only to wish you had gone through at least one more iteration. We’ve all been through that.

You know what you’re capable of. It’s more than a little disheartening when you believe you haven’t lived up to your own standards. Tie that in with the desire to constantly improve, and you know there’s still work to be done.

To make the journey easier for you we’ve put together a checklist of 5 ways to improve your designs. By using pre-built websites – complete with examples of why they can help.

Be Theme’s Comprehensive Library of Pre-Built Websites

You take justifiable pride in your designs, or you wouldn’t be in this business. You might be doing yourself a disfavor by trying to improve your work without outside help. Therefore, you can place limitations on what you can achieve by doing so.

Pre-built websites are not a lazy man’s approach to design, nor do they stifle creativity. What they do is help you get a project off to a quick start. They can give you a solid foundation to build your design on, and help you create better and better designs.

Pre-built websites provide structure and offer inspiration. They give you all the room you need to apply your creative skills.

Be Theme has a library of 390+ pre-built websites. They are organized by content and industry type. They also reflect the latest industry trends and standards, and they can be yours for only $59.

Checklist: 5 ways pre-built websites can improve your designs

  1. Am I aligned with the trends in this specific industry?

Keeping up with the latest trends in a given industry can be a challenge. Take the fashion industry for example. Traditionally, fashion websites have been characterized by an abundance of bold images. They feature rich colors and textures, and an overall feeling of luxurious living.

This year, fashion websites are taking on a more minimalistic look. They feature simple black and white sketches and loads of white space.

You’ll find these and other new characteristics in Be Theme.


improve-design-website-pre-built-templates-work-faster (1)


improve-design-website-pre-built-templates-work-faster (2)


improve-design-website-pre-built-templates-work-faster (3)


  1. Do I know for sure what NEEDS to be on the Homepage?

It’s important to know what NEEDS to be on a homepage. This is because that’s what engages users and encourages them to look further. What you WANT to be on a home page tends to address your needs and not those of the users’.

Doing it right takes a mix of art and science, which for many if not most web designers can be a struggle. By using a pre-built website to base a homepage on you’ve solved that problem. In addition, the right structure (the NEED) is already in place.


improve-design-website-pre-built-templates-work-faster (4)


improve-design-website-pre-built-templates-work-faster (5)


improve-design-website-pre-built-templates-work-faster (6)



  1. Should I Follow or Disrupt?

Web designers could be divided into two categories. There are those who prefer to play it safe (the followers). Then, there are those who get an adrenaline boost by taking one leaf of faith after another. They are the disrupters. You might think the greatest rewards would go to the risk takers.

You would be wrong.

Most clients tend to be “stiff” or at least cautious when it comes to website design. This is definitely true for corporations and both large and smaller businesses. They all look for tried and true designs that will accomplish what they want them to.

A certain amount of creativity goes into the building of each pre-built website. But they’re all rock solid in terms of their structure. You might even say they’re on the somewhat conservative side.


improve-design-website-pre-built-templates-work-faster (7)


improve-design-website-pre-built-templates-work-faster (8)


improve-design-website-pre-built-templates-work-faster (9)


  1. Which of these 5 different ideas goes best with this project?

If you’re afflicted with the too many ideas (TMI) syndrome, it’s not a nice problem to have. Rather than building on one another, multiple ideas tend to get in one another’s way. This is no matter how great any of them may seem.

It’s only natural that when you have several great ideas, you’re reluctant to part with any of them. But that’s precisely what you need to do.

A better approach is to:

  • Spend a little time browsing Be Theme’s library of pre-built websites.
  • Search through the various categories (more than 30 of them).
  • Pick a pre-built website that’s a match for what you’re looking for.
  • Customize it (your chance to put one of your great ideas into play).

As a result, you’ll be able to create the design you envisioned and implement it on a tried and tested structure.


improve-design-website-pre-built-templates-work-faster (10)


improve-design-website-pre-built-templates-work-faster (11)


improve-design-website-pre-built-templates-work-faster (12)


  1. Is the client right or should I stick to my ideas?

Some clients can tell you exactly what they want in a website design and be 100% right in their beliefs. Others, while claiming expertise, confuse website wants with needs. They are definitely in need of guidance.

Providing guidance to an “expert” would seem to be a losing proposition. However, pre-built websites have a built-in argument. They are able to allow you to deliver a product that conforms to industry standards. They will convince most of those experts that you’ve led them in the right direction.


improve-design-website-pre-built-templates-work-faster (13)


improve-design-website-pre-built-templates-work-faster (14)


improve-design-website-pre-built-templates-work-faster (15)


Pre-built websites offer a tried and tested way to help you improve your designs. At the same time, they allow you to get any project off to a fast start. They are easy to use, and they give you plenty of space to put your creativity to use.

They also enable you to produce website designs that adhere to the latest trends. They deliver websites that feature a tried, tested, and altogether satisfying UX.

You won’t be hamstrung by the too-many-ideas syndrome either. Pre-built website customization features give you plenty of opportunities to use your creativity.

Best of all, 390+ of them can be yours for only $59.

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