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Stepping Up A Gear: Turning Your Freelance Career Into A Business

We are all feeling the pressures of working at home right now. And for those that are on their freelance journey, thoughts can turn to what will happen next. Living the life of a freelancer is a feast or a famine, but the most important thing to consider at this point is your plan of action when you are able to do business properly again. This means that you’ve got to make that leap from being a freelancer to being a fully-fledged business person. With this in mind, what can you do to make sure that you have a proper transition?

Get out of the home office!

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If you are looking to expand your capabilities further you’ve got to think with a bigger mindset. You may believe that you’ve got to save money and cut corners to get by but the fact of the matter is that you’ve got to spend money to make money. There are many affordable workspaces out there that you can take advantage of to start your ascension. But it’s got to be part of a plan where you push yourself, but also push your product. When it comes to freelancing in one respect there is no sense of consistency. This means that you’ve got to put your money where your mouth is and go to the banks and apply for business loans but also figure out your professional failings. If you want to transcend to the next level you’ve got to start thinking with a more global mindset.

Learning how to learn

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When we change our mindset and think more globally we’ve got to start looking at ourselves and become our harshest critic. When we start to look at the areas that we are falling down on, it can be a big shock to the system. But this is where we can take advantage of our failings and learn how to face up to our shortcomings. It’s one of the biggest lessons any entrepreneur will learn and when you’re a freelancer you don’t need to look in the mirror and understand where you fall down. Because you provide a service, if you don’t like working with someone, you can just move on. But the difference between freelancing and running a business is that you have to address the elephant in the room. This means that we’ve got to learn how to progress beyond our limitations. We can do this by becoming a voracious learner or we can start to hire people to fill in our gaps. It is a big learning curve for anybody, but you won’t start to learn until you realize your shortcomings.

Understanding the long haul

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No doubt you took some time to establish your freelance career. Running a business is exactly the same thing. But there is a big difference between a casual freelancer and someone who is running a full-time business. You’ve got to understand that in order to make it a success you give it the time and effort it deserves. You know that building a freelance career can take some time and becoming an entrepreneur is progressing beyond the freelancer and taking matters into your own hands. It is a long haul but it’s ultimately one that is more satisfying than the freelance existence.

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