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Here There Be Monsters! Online Agencies You Can’t Trust

Before we get started here’s a quick, useless piece of information. The phrase ‘here there be monsters’ originates from a time where there were parts of the world that had not been explored. These areas of the world were marked on old sailor maps with this phrase. Explorers were unsure what awaited in these parts, fortune or a fate worse than death? It seems fitting then, that we now use it to describe the only world. There are areas of the world online that have never been discovered by users. This might mean a website of a new digital agency. It could bring great success for your business or a terrible end. It’s all about knowing what digital agencies you can and can’t trust.

Empty Promises

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9 Signs of a Bad SEO Agency

There are plenty of digital agencies online right now claiming they can get their customers on page one of the SERPs. It’s not a possibility it’s a guarantee! Except it isn’t because even Google have admitted that they can’t hack the system. So, if the people who created the search engine can’t guarantee that type of result, you have to wonder what hope a small SEO company will have? The answer we imagine is very little. There’s nothing wrong with being optimistic about the chances of success, of course. But there is a thin line between optimism, arrogance and downright lies.

Simplifying A Complex Situation

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Are You Getting Ripped Off? How to Spot a Poor Digital Marketing Agency

SEO isn’t simple, and anyone who says it is doesn’t have a firm understanding of the concept. Firstly, SEO is an umbrella term and includes a number of different tactics. Therefore, anyone who claims it’s just keywords and links should probably be avoided. The best digital marketing agencies like King Kong Digital Agency and other rising names know there’s a lot more to it. You need to think about content, social media and even getting the right tone through materials released. Adding links and content won’t get you very far at all in the modern age of online marketing.

Quick Fixes

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The worst monster you can encounter in the online world is a Google penalty. These penalties are given to businesses that have used poor SEO tactics or released content that is low quality. If that happens, then you might find that your search ranking takes a massive dive. Unfortunately, this can happen because you used a poor digital agency. They may have used black hat tactics to build up your campaign that wasn’t designed to last. You can usually tell which companies are going to do this. They’ll offer you a quote for services before they have even seen your business.

Loud Mouth

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How to spot and avoid bad SEO agencies

Of course, one of the biggest red flags that you’ve found a dangerous digital agency is a poor word of mouth. It’s very difficult to cover up negative reviews online these days and almost every business is put under scrutiny. So, make sure that you check around and have a look at what other people are saying. Remember, while reviews aren’t always completely reliable, where there’s smoke there’s always fire.

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