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What Should You Do When Your Computer Overheats

Sometimes when you are using your computer for a long time you will see it start to overheat. You will often have issues using the machine if it does this and it could even cut out on your completely. There are plenty of reasons why a machine will overheat, but today we are going to talk about what you need to do when it happens to prevent damage to your computer.

Allow for Air Flow

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When your computer overheats, the most likely culprit of this is your fans not working properly because of an obstruction of some kind. The best thing you can do in this instance is to get some compressed air like this and blow the air into your machine to release the dust and dirt inside. It will unclog the inside of the machine and your fans will be able to start working again to keep everything cool.

Close the Case

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It might seem to the naked eye that it would make sense to run the machine with the case open for more airflow, but actually this exposes the machine to dust and dirt. If you really want to keep your computer cool, pop the case on and protect it from being covered in debris.

Clean Your Computer

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Within your computer you will have fans which are there specifically to keep all of the components on your computer clean. The whole point is that you need to make sure that the fans stay clean so that they don’t move dust into your machine. If your fans get dirty they will be unable to move as quickly and therefore they won’t cool effectively.

Move Your Computer

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Always make sure that you place your machine somewhere which has minimal dirt and isn’t too hot. If you have had your computer in the same place for a long time it can simply become dirty and this will not help your machine stay cool. Try vacuuming the area and moving your computer to a slightly different spot. Never put the machine near a radiator.

Run Less Applications

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Sometimes the issue you have with an overheating machine will not just be down the the hardware inside your computer, it can be to do with the software you are trying to run on it. If you are trying to download several things at once while having multiple apps open , this can cause your machine to overwork and overheat. If you notice this then just try to take the extra precautions to not have too many things open at the same time.

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The real key to making sure that your computer stays healthy and cool is to regularly clean and maintain the fans and components inside. Every now and again everything needs a good clean and needs looking after, so if you can take the time to do this you will be fine. If you can be careful with the software you open on your machine too, your computer will live a much longer life.

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