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Google Is Going to Eliminate Chrome Extensions Which Abuse Users’ Information

Good news for us: Google will soon tighten his security and protect user rights by eliminating the extensions of Chrome that need personal information and use it for unknown purposes. For anyone who bothered with the Chrome extensions notice box, it would be a great change.


Actually, it’s not a new announcement, as promised in May. Google asked its Chrome Extensions to find out solutions for the interference to the users’ information without permission. By that, Google tried to lower their abuse of personal information and cut down its functionality. In a stronger action, they even posted privacy policies to ensure the process. However, it seems not very efficient. For months, there were still no significant changes when Chrome extensions still appear to bother users work.

Now with the new announcement to take control of Chrome extensions, Google can take another step forward its purposes. According to the new policy, when any Chrome extensions do not meet the provisions given by Google to make sure about the security of users information, they will be removed from the Chrome Web Store. In the meantime, all the new extensions submissions which do not follow the policy will also be eliminated, for example

The Best Chrome Extensions for Online Safety and Security

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Google has worked tirelessly to ensure a secure experience with Chrome, but its safeguards don’t necessarily extend to extensions as one security firm has discovered.

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