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You’ve Got A Friend In Me: Using Bloggers To Market Your Business

Sometimes it’s relevant to compare a small business to a garden mole. Entrepreneurs running a small business are young and don’t have as much knowledge about their respective industries and the global economy just yet. So they have poor sight, but they’re continually digging their way to the surface, hoping to be above the rest of the competition one day. Luckily if you are a small business owner, you should be happy that there has never been a time in human history whereby you have so many options and tools to help you succeed.

Using Bloggers To Market Your Business 2
The Elements of Successful Product Launch Marketing

Thanks to things like social media and targeted ad campaigns you have access to literally hundreds of millions of people if not billions. But are the broader techniques always the best options? Your business would reach more people, but consumers have changed the way they interact and buy products and services. They want you to make the extra effort and convince them they should give your business a chance. So should you, or should someone on your behalf do so?

A business to business promotion

Despite being in feverish competition with the rest of the world, you’re in a bit of a paradox with other businesses. Just like every great athlete, politician and artist every great business needs a friendly rivalry. If you make something great and can see that other businesses use your service or product, it would be a great idea if you could reach out and figure out a mutual promotion. For example, if you make great cheeses, and you can see a restaurant uses your product on their menu and you know they buy from you, you could work together to promote each other. A promotional advertisement that involves interviews with the important figures from each business should be used to explain to consumers why the other business is important to your business. Even if it’s just swapping of ideas and trying to usurp each other’s next product, showing customers that you use each other to further your respective businesses encourage a swapping of fans and customers.

A figure in the community

Using Bloggers To Market Your Business 1
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Influencers have become a cultural phenomenon, known for their power among certain communities. It’s strange but wonderful that normal, average, everyday ordinary folk with a talent of communication can influence so many people. They are their own marketing platform which every businesses, especially small business, should take advantage of. Many of these influencers are on programs such as the affiliate network. Any business that needs promotion can access this large resource of people who have their own large fan base, and promote their products and services. All the influencers do is give your business or product a review, and they point out the positive things and try to help consumers visualize where you would be useful in their own personal lives. With a close connection to the wider world, influencers can use their blog websites to post a written and a video review for your business.

Using Bloggers To Market Your Business 3
The End of the Free-for-all Influencer Market

If you can see your potential rivals as useful enemies and work together to collaborate and promote each other, you’ll make an exchange of customers and both grow together. Influencers are incredibly useful to any business that wants to reach a new audience and make an emotive connection with them.

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