The Elements of Successful Product Launch Marketing

Companies designing and developing their own products need to know how to effectively market them at launch. While making a splash on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is an important part of the process, it’s just as important to utilize several other critical elements of product launch marketing.

Here is what a successful product launch marketing campaign should incorporate:

Customer perspective

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Communicating with customers is essential to successful product launch marketing. The reason is that companies need to get a sense of what their market’s wants and needs are prior to launching a product, otherwise their marketing may fall flat. Simply put, the assumptions made at company headquarters regarding the reasons why customers would want to buy a new product may not actually be the reasons considered by the buyers themselves. By getting customers to open up about their problems and desired solutions, startups can hone their product launch to a much finer point than going by guesswork.

Preemptive outreach

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In addition to asking questions aimed at better understanding customers, the product pre-launch sequence needs to perform matter-of-fact preemptive outreach. Businesses are essentially putting those previously asked questions to good use. The best way to do this is through email. Many young startup leaders are surprised to learn of the high return on investment of an email campaign prior to product launch, but according to this guide to email marketing, ROI can reach 3800%. The guide goes on to outline the product launch process for email outreach: explain the specific problem or problems, explain how to solve the problem, then announce the launch.

Inward understanding

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One of the most commonly overlooked elements of successful product launch marketing is the state of the enterprise itself, mainly the ways in which employees are thinking and feeling about the product and the upcoming release. This basically involves doing inward outreach. Talk to staff, particularly those who will be dealing directly with the customer, to ensure everyone is on the same page so far as the tenets of the marketing approach. Everyone ought to know the problem being solved, how the product solves it, and if competition exists, why this option is superior.

Content, content, content!

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In the month or so prior to launch and for several months afterward, content marketing campaigns need to be undertaken. Note the plural form of campaign, since it’s best to have several waves over time. We cannot stress enough the importance of original content which is free from keyword overload and other common errors. Nor can we overemphasize the need for content to be informative and interesting. This will require hiring firms with a reputation for creating quality content, but rest assured it’s worth every penny.

And social media

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But of course, social media! Yes, this is definitely one of the major arteries through which companies can hope to advertise to customers, it’s just important not to neglect the other elements on this list. In short, the social media aspect of product launch hinges mostly on the ability to casually self-promote, which is the art of social media in a nutshell. Avoid making exaggerated claims, choosing instead to demonstrate the value of the product through organic posts. Short tutorial videos with a touch of humor, a question posed to followers, influencer endorsements, and similar tactics will go much farther than blasting them with ads.

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In the end, the product will always need to be good for a product launch to succeed. However, the second most important part of the process is the marketing itself. Critical elements must be utilized to achieve maximum results, otherwise, the launch may fail to get into the orbit necessary for mission success.

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