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Could Your Business Be Missing A Trick? Let’s Discuss

I think we can all agree that every entrepreneur and business owner is always looking for different ways to help their business grow. After all, you are in it to make a success of it, and to build up the empire. However, what we might all fail to do is is think outside of the box in terms of what you do, where you put your resources, your time and your energy. There are also sometimes less obvious routes of business progression that when implemented would help your business and be an ingredient to the recipe of success. I thought I would share with you a few of the things you could try.  

Could LinkedIn be worth it?

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Everyone is looking for different ways to promote their business and social media is one of those areas we know as entrepreneurs will work well. But there is a social media platform that is often overlooked with some business owners and that is LinkedIn. However, what LinkedIn can do is target specific types of customers or indeed help you in term of networking with other like minded individuals within your industry or just market leading professionals that can help motivate you or encourage you in different ways.

The communication channels you aren’t embracing

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There will be communication channels that you are not exploring, and you might potentially be alienating some potential customers, believe it or not. One of the most obvious would be fax. There will be older potential customers who like the idea of sending a fax, so having an internet fax in your business could be essential. Or at least to be able to offer that line of communication for people that prefer it. It might even help you standout from competitors.

Is the training you offer staff good enough?

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Training is a big issue many businesses have problems with believe it or not, and it can be one of the biggest reasons that businesses have a big staff turnover. New staff need to have the confidence to implement what you require them to do, but with minimal or no correct training provided they can then become overwhelmed, make mistakes, or just leave as they feel undervalued. It doesn’t take much to work out where your training requirements are, and making some vital changes to this area of your business.

If you are not blogging you could be seriously missing out?

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Finally, you could really be missing a trick in a digital aspect of your business and that would be blogging. Having a seperate business blog can help boost traffic to your main website thanks to search engine optimization, and it can also be a great line of communication to customers, both existing and new ones. It could be part of your website, or it could be a seperate blog altogether, but you then have the power to promote it through social media and even use it as a sales tool.

I hope that this has given you some insight into the things you could be missing in your business.

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