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4 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Called Back for Interviews

Not getting called back after applying for one or multiple jobs can be difficult to deal with. Especially if its a position you really wanted and felt like you were perfect for. But, in some cases, you might not have what they’re looking for. Or you made a crucial mistake during the application process either out of ignorance or negligence. Thankfully however, once you know where you went wrong, you can start readjusting your strategy and find a way to get noticed. Here are some of the possible reasons you can get interviews.

Your CV is not Up to Par

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If you used one of the cookie cutter templates in your word processor to create your CV, then chances are it might look outdated. Some will just build a CV from scratch based on what they assume a CV should look like. In both cases, this mistake alone could cost you potential opportunities.

It’s always better to either have the CV professionally made or using a professional CV making tool. There are tools for instance that will allow you to build a great looking CV in minutes. The templates vary based on the industry and often come prefilled with content so you have something you can start working with. This will certainly beat generic word templates, and show that you put some effort in.

You’re Only Focusing on Job Boards and Sites

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Job boards and sites can be convenient, but you’ll be competing with hundreds of other candidates on there and end up being just another CV in some inbox. What’s the alternative? Going face to face.

There are tons of ways that you can do that. One would be to attend job fairs and networking events. You’ll have a chance to meet the people who make the decisions and allow them to see the person being the CV. Applying directly is also an option many don’t consider, but can still be very efficient, especially if you end up meeting the owner or upper management while you’re there.

You’re Sending One-Size-Fits-All CVs

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This is another huge mistake people make. They either make or have one CV made and blast it to hundreds of email addresses. But different employers will prioritize different things, and you want to make these things front and center on your CV. Try to find out what’s more essential to each employer, and make sure that your bullet points are set up accordingly. This alone could help you stand out as more qualified for the job.

You’re Just not a Fit for the Job

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In some cases, you just might not be the right person for the job. Maybe your profile doesn’t really fit with the company’s culture. This may seem discriminatory, but in some businesses, they expect their candidates to reflect a certain image. Or your qualifications are close, but just not enough. Make sure that you only apply for positions you are truly qualified for, and where you’ll be able to fit.


These are all things you’ll have to take into consideration if you can’t manage to get called back for interviews. Give those a closer look, and see if you’re committing any of them in your job search.

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