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7 Marketing Tips for Private Therapists to Secure New Clients

Starting your own private practice is an incredible accomplishment that also comes with many challenges. In order to deal with these challenges, building a strong client base in a crucial step so that your practice can survive.

If you want to build your client base quickly, you will need to dedicate attention to marketing. When you are in the early stages of your career, marketing is the only way you will be able to separate yourself from other private practices in your area.

Here are 7 vital marketing tips for private therapists looking to secure new clients.

1. Network With Other Doctors


You know better than anyone that mental health symptoms can often translate as physical symptoms. Doctors often refer patients to therapists when their mental health is impacting their physical health.

When this occurs, be sure to have local physicians refer their patients to you so that you can help them through their physical and mental ailments.

2. Work With Insurance Companies

By being high on the light of an insurance company’s providers, you can often be the first to get clients that are looking for a new therapist. Be sure to work with the insurance companies you partner with to have their patients go to your practice.

3. Set Up a Web Blog

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Web blogs are easy to maintain and can attract more clients. By writing short articles on different mental health topics, you are showing your expertise to potential clients. You are also more reachable to potential clients that use search engines to find therapists by having more pages available for them to find you.

4. Use Social Media

Social media marketing is key to any private therapists practice nowadays. Be sure to create a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter page. By staying active, even through automation, users are more likely to share your posts and find you and your practice.

5. Become an EAP

Many companies refer their employees to therapists through HR. Work with the HR departments of local businesses so that they can refer their workers to you in times of need.

6. Capitalize on Your First Clients

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Building a good reputation is crucial to successful marketing. Be sure to serve your first clients well and then encourage them to write reviews, make referrals, or help you spread the word about your business.

7. Use a Professional

As a therapist, you almost definitely didn’t major in marketing. But, working with someone who is an expert at marketing can help you build your marketing practice quickly. These experts will help make therapist marketing even easier and will advise you on how to create a webpage and create a successful marketing plan for your business.

Marketing for Private Therapists

Dedicating time and attention to marketing is crucial if you want to stand out among many private therapists. The tips above should help you gain a solid footing and knowledge of what you need to do in order to be a marketing success.

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