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The Benefits of Working in Cybersecurity

The field of cybersecurity is growing rapidly, and there is a high demand for qualified professionals. In 2023, the global cybersecurity market is expected to be worth $223.9 billion, and it is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.4% from 2023 to 2028.

There are many reasons why you should consider a career in cybersecurity. Here are just a few:

  • High demand and job growth: As mentioned above, the demand for cybersecurity professionals is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. This means that there will be plenty of job opportunities available for qualified candidates.
  • Competitive salaries: Cybersecurity professionals are typically paid well. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for information security analysts was $103,590 in May 2022.
  • Challenging and rewarding work: Cybersecurity is a challenging and rewarding field. You will have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technologies and to protect organizations from sophisticated cyberattacks.
  • Opportunities for advancement: Cybersecurity is a rapidly evolving field, and there are many opportunities for advancement. As you gain experience, you can move into more senior roles with greater responsibility and compensation.

If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding career with excellent job prospects, then keep reading. Cybersecurity is a great option for young professionals.

Without adequate cybersecurity our computers would be riddled with trojans, worms and other invasive pieces of malware. Of course, some viruses can creep through the gaps, which is where those who work in cybersecurity come to the rescue. Trained to patch up software updates and adapt anti-malware software to catch up with cybercriminals’ techniques, those who build and improve software are constantly playing a game of cat and mouse on our behalf. If this sounds like an intriguing and exciting industry to work in, here are a few considerations.

Here to Stay

Too few cybersecurity professionals is a gigantic problem for 2019

As long as there are computers, there will always be cybercriminals trying to infiltrate our personal computers and gain access to important information. When you study for a cybersecurity degree you can almost guarantee that you will be joining a sector that will not go stale over the next few years.

Remote Studying 

Cybersecurity is an industry that doesn’t limit you to going to a full-time university. You can easily learn cyber security online, which opens up possibilities for studying it in later life. This means you could learn it on top of a previous qualification to boost a similar skill set, or learn a completely new degree.


Practically every aspect of the tech industry requires cybersecurity of some description. This means that, should you decide to join this sector, your qualifications will be incredibly far-reaching. You will be qualified to work in a number of industries whether that’s in tech or otherwise.

Work from Home 

Because of the nature of the work you will be doing, there isn’t any real need to physically turn up to the business you will be working with. Cybersecurity is about testing and applying software which can of course be achieved on a remote basis. Some cybersecurity workers have never even been to an office: the service is sometimes completely transactional.

Personal Life Freedom

An extra benefit which comes along with the freedom to work from home, as and when you want to, is that you can adjust your personal life accordingly. If you need to move house for personal reasons or if you just want a change of scenery, you are unlikely to be stuck for work — particularly if you work from home anyway.

Public Sector Work

Road Map To A $200,000 Cybersecurity Job

If you have always wanted to support your local government or give back to the community in some way, then know that the public sector needs cybersecurity too. Online platforms for your local government bodies process a large amount of data and this means strong online protection is needed.

High Stakes Jobs

If you thrive in environments where the stakes are high, cybersecurity could open some interesting doors for you. For instance, cybersecurity is needed for anti-terrorism and national security bodies, and of course the consequences of failed cybersecurity are incredibly high. If you can’t cope with an atmosphere that’s too docile, then this could be the industry for you.

High Pay

It’s absolutely no secret that tech jobs are well paid and cybersecurity is no exception. Some of the highest paid senior roles could see you earning well over $100,000. Of course, money is not the only reason to apply for a job, but it’s certainly an appealing bonus of working in this industry.

Constantly Developing

How to stay ahead of cyber criminals in the data breach era

Cybercriminals are constantly trying to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to software updates. They are looking for gaps in software and anti-malware so that they can penetrate it. This means that the role of a cybersecurity professional will never fall out of use. You will be using your experience and education to try and keep at pace with criminals, and of course, with the developments in wide technology.


If you love problem-solving, then cybersecurity is the profession for you. You will be unpicking software glitches and fixing loopholes before criminals reach them first. Most IT and software jobs involve problem-solving, but cybersecurity practically thrives on it.

Cybersecurity is an incredibly rewarding profession to join if you are so inclined. It’s an area of software development and testing that is uniquely high stakes and is incredibly valued by those who need it. Anyone who has been the victim of a cyberattack will know just how valuable online security is. Being someone who can provide that reassurance has an extra customer service dimension to it, too, which may also appeal to many. If you are considering this form of software development, then education is the best route to go down to become qualified and start looking for work.

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