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Company Drug Testing: What Are the Laws and Should You Do It?

If you are running a business and are unsure whether to drug test your employees, click here to learn what is legal along with whether you should do it.

The United States is home to over 30 million small businesses. The key to keeping a business successful is putting the right team in place. As your small business starts to grow, hiring more employees will be essential.

Instead of rushing through the hiring process, you need to take your time to ensure the best possible hire is made. Performing a background check and a drug test is a good idea. Many small business owners are unsure about the legality and benefits of company drug testing.

There are both pros and cons to drug testing employees.


  • Reduced workplace accidents and injuries: Employees who are under the influence of drugs are more likely to be involved in accidents and injuries. Drug testing can help to reduce these risks.
  • Increased productivity: Employees who are not under the influence of drugs are more productive. Drug testing can help to improve productivity.
  • Improved safety: Employees who are not under the influence of drugs are safer for themselves and others. Drug testing can help to improve safety in the workplace.
  • Reduced legal liability: Employers who have a drug-testing policy in place may be less likely to be held liable for accidents or injuries caused by employees who are under the influence of drugs.


  • It can be expensive: Drug testing can be expensive, especially if it is done on a regular basis.
  • It can be intrusive: Employees may feel that drug testing is an invasion of their privacy.
  • It can be discriminatory: Drug testing can be discriminatory if it is not applied fairly to all employees.
  • It can be inaccurate: Drug tests can sometimes produce false positive or negative results.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to drug test employees is a complex one. There are many factors to consider, such as the cost of drug testing, the potential benefits, and the legal implications.

Read below to find out more information about this practice and why company drug testing is something you need to take seriously.

The Law Supports Company Drug Testing


One of the biggest concerns you should have regarding company drug testing is whether or not it is legal. In most states, laws are in support of a business owner’s right to drug test existing and potential employees. However, there are a few stipulations a business owner needs to know about.

Most states require a business owner to provide notice of these tests. You will also need to adhere to state-approved testing procedures. These safeguards are in place to prevent things like discrimination or inaccurate tests.

If you are in the process of hiring new employees, you need to let them know a drug screening will be required for the offer of a job to stand. Also, let applicants know that everyone is being tested the same way to prevent problems.

Drug Testing Keeps Your Workplace Safe

Among the biggest benefits of drug testing is the increased safety it can provide your business. By testing an applicant for drugs, you can get a feel for whether or not they are a law-abiding citizen.

The last thing you want to do is hire a person with a drug problem. In most cases, people who use drugs on a daily basis will have lots of accidents.

These accidents can affect morale and your bottom line. This is why investing in adequate drug testing is a good idea.

Random Drug Testing of Current Employees Is a Good Idea

4 Steps to Deal with an Employee’s Substance Abuse Problem

Not only will you need to test applicants, but you should also invest in ongoing drug testing as well. One of the best reasons for this ongoing testing is the deterrent factor. If employees know they are at risk of getting drug tested, they will avoid partaking in these dangerous substances.

A drug-free workforce is also more reliable and productive. Ongoing drug testing is also a great way to reduce insurance costs and grow your bottom line.

Time to Take Action

Now that you know the benefits of company drug testing, it is time to take action. The time and money you invest in performing these tests will be worth it.

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