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Hints on Money: Saving on Montreal Escapade

Salting Away in Montreal Trip

Montreal is multifaceted and majestic in many ways. It has the mixture of traditional and contemporary world. It is evident in the things that you see around, from the languages spoken by people, old homes converted into restaurants down to how hotels and other business establishments are designed. There is always something new to discover in this city even if you have had your Montreal trip for the nth time. However, its charm may enthrall you badly that you will be lured into wasting your almighty dollar on things that are not essential. This is why money-saving tips should always be kept in mind while having a great time.

“Parking fees come cheap but the price of gas does not so kiss the idea of renting a car goodbye and pot for reliable and extensive mass transit.”

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Montreal people speak French and English so it is wise to invest on a phrasebook. However, you can get real value for your money by heeding these words of advice to that will enable you to salt away.

  • Lodging fees drop down during the shoulder season. You can find cut-rate Montreal hotels even in downtown area around early spring. You can also save a lot if you would travel in late fall. These are the times when there are not much tourists. If you would like to go in other seasons, you can salt away some dime by opting to stay in some cut-rate hotels in downtown like Hotel Le Cantlie Suites. This will give you the best of both worlds; cheap lodging and transportation. 
  • The locals get around the city mostly through bikes that is why you will see kilometers of bike trails. You should forget renting a car as parking fees may be reasonable but gas prices are not. Downtown Montreal is navigable on foot and even the city’s mass transit is reliable and extensive.
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  • There are lots of value restaurants that will not serve you the traditional burgers and pizza alone. There are cafés wherein you can save on croissants, bagels, espresso and others. Boulevard Saint Laurent is a home to homegrown cheeses and chocolates for those who have sweet tooth. Better yet, you can head off to Jean Talon Market if you are up for cooking. Nothing is cheaper and healthier than buying fresh foods and preparing them. 
  • You do not have to break the bank if you would take advantage of free attractions available in the city. Learn more about how the town has evolved with the historical streets of Vieux-Montreal made of cobblestone. There are also dozens of museums that you can check out, which offer free admission on certain days. Go hiking in Parc du Mont-Royal and enjoy the lush greens and the beauty of nature. It is usually cold in the city but if you can arrive during warmer months, you can take a dip in the park’s Lac des Castors or Beaver Lake. 

Blending with the local and adopting their lifestyle is the key in saving money while in Montreal. These money-saving tips can definitely help you get started so that you will not end up down and out. 

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