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Inspirational Ideas to Design Business Cards in 2019

The design of business cards has gone through an evolution. They began in the 17th century in Europe to call attention to the arrival of aristocratic or prosperous visitors. The card has seen many changes through the years, as businesses and uses for these cards have grown. Designing business cards in 2019 is a chance to call attention to your uniqueness as well as promote your business.

19th Century

A History of Business Cards

Cards were marked by engravings of gold or the use of more exciting typefaces. No longer just for aristocrats, middle class members were handing out cards. When visitors arrived at a home or business, they placed their card in an ornate tray that was made just for this purpose. It was not polite to look at the other cards within the tray.

Social cards were the norm, and each lady visitor presented one as the door was opened by the maid, who was to deliver it to the lady of the house.

Originally produced by wooden presses, cards became more available after the creation of lithography in 1830. With the Industrial Revolution, formality began to decline, and business cards and trade cards began to take the place of calling cards. While in Europe, the upper class was no longer in favor of these cards, the people of the U.S. took to their use quickly.

20th Century

Calling Cards and Visiting Cards: A Brief History

In the 20th century, business cards became widespread as a means of introducing a business and leaving a reminder. Even individuals began using business cards socially, with the simple printing of contact information for later meeting together.

Many of the early cards in the 20th century were rectangular; by the later part of the century, however, rounded corners and shapes were begin to be used.

Trends Today

2019 Business Card Design Guide to New Trends & Modern Styles

It has been said that the top secret Google X Company, known for being radical, was handing out glass business cards, but safety considerations and additional factors may have squashed this idea, along with some other secret projects.

From die cut business cards in the shape of a musical instrument to round, oval or square cards, business cards today have evolved.

Today, you might design a business card made out of translucent materials that look like glass. It might be a great idea for a glass company or business that works with art glass. You can also buy a holder for cards that is made of engraved glass as well as other materials.

A food business or bakery might create die cut business cards that have a “bite” taken out of the card.

Eco-friendly designs are also a trend in 2019. Materials may be recycled paper or board. This type of card may be a great choice for an environmental business that wants to show their conservation ethos. Leaf shapes are another popular choice for those involved with landscaping, floral or other business.

A bakery might have a card in the shape of a cupcake or cake to make it unique.

What a Modern Card Says

25+ Minimal Business Cards (With Simple Modern Design Ideas) for 2019

You might need the help of a copywriter to add a unique touch to your business card. A short saying or motto might make the card more memorable. Printing on two sides is also an option if you have an important message or prefer graphics on the front.

You do not want to crowd the card; keep it simple and readable, the most important feature.

Handing Out Your Business Card

The Gentleman’s Guide to the Calling Card

Etiquette calls for using your right hand. Cards should not be loose in a pocket, as they can look damaged and not make the impression desired. You might want to invest in a nice card holder that keeps your cards clean and ready when needed. Remember to hand the card facing up to the recipient.

In 2019, creating a lasting impression is made possible through a unique and readable business card design with the necessary contact information. It could be the first step in initiating a lasting business relationship.

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