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Why Startups Should Always Buy Refurbished IT

Maybe you have come across stories about how huge companies like Apple and Microsoft started – in the garage or basement. Whenever these stories pop up it is usually a way to encourage Startups and entrepreneurs to start small or use whatever is available to them.

Many Startups will not grow because they have focused and invested too much in their office spaces – buying expensive furniture and equipment. The cost of setting up your startup company can tell how your company is able to handle other responsibilities that need financing. So, why buy new IT when you can buy refurbished and save 30 – 50%?

Is New Always Better?

This Is Why Buying Certified Refurbished Tech Makes Perfect Sense

The smarter Startups will launch with as little as possible, and try to cut the expenses on hardware by half. It is better to focus on product and service than the aesthetics that brand new Apple products will add to your office. Not that New Apple products are bad, but you do need to save. And buying refurbished IT equipment gives you that opportunity.

What exactly is refurbished equipment? Basically, these are previously used or owned equipment that has been inspected and restored to a condition that makes them good to sell. In many cases, this equipment may have had many parts replaced and they look and perform as good as new equipment. The best part is, once again, your company will be saving up to half the price of buying new equipment.  

The benefits of buying refurbished IT equipment goes beyond saving; it can also be a smart way to run your startup. Think about this for a second – if your company is already booked on specific brands that are no longer readily available in the market, buy a refurbished equivalent can be a more efficient way to go around it. It definitely costs a lot less than buying the new model. By doing so, you are also extending the life of accessories that are still compatible with some of the old model equipment in your office, instead of having to buy a new set of accessories for every new equipment you acquire.

Upgrade your Office for Less

What You Need to Know Before Buying Refurbished PCs: MAR, Quality, and More

Buying refurbished IT allows your company to upgrade at a more frequent rate, which costs a lot less than jumping to the next equipment release. In fact, some tech enthusiasts warn again buying the newest release of equipment, simply because the manufacturers do not usually have enough time to test them. This explains why some equipment needs to be recalled or have to undergo software updates to fix bugs and whatnot.

From a ‘Green’ point of view, buying refurbished equipment can be your way of contributing to a world that produces fewer wastes. Have you ever wonder where all those old computers and office equipment go? Probably somewhere on a dump as waste. Buying refurbished equipment ensures that equipment that works can continue to be used and serve their purposes.

There are so many reasons why your startup should consider buying refurbished IT equipment. If you are convinced about buying refurbished IT, many top retailers offer refurbished or open box hardware equipment at great prices.

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