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Things to Look for When Deciding on What Free Stock Chart to Use

Stock charts are everywhere, in our newspapers and on the Internet. We can not ignore them. It is true that the visual representation of the history of an action is by far the most telling; we can read on a graph the past of society, its ups, and downs. Moreover, it is often reassuring to observe the curve of the action before making a decision.

The graphical representation is also the basis of the technical analysis, stock market decision method used by quantitative analysts. They draw up their trends and plot their mathematical indicators. In this field, more than in any other, a drawing is better than a long speech, you can learn more at


Regardless of the trading platform or the informative site about the stock market you use, you will always encounter stock market charts. This proliferation of graphics is actually due to the importance of their interpretation to understand the dynamics that push an asset up or down. A single course expressed at a given moment gives no indication of the trend. While this same course, positioned on a chart allows to know this trend and even the longer-term trends.

Before making any stock market investment, historical price data for the relevant asset should be observed in order to know how the issuing company has performed in previous years, months or weeks.

Clearly, the analysis of stock charts is the basis of technical analysis and thus allows to make the best decisions at the best times based on concrete facts observed in the past.

With regards to chart technical analysis, you’re taking a look at a diagram with a trend line. The trend line demonstrates how the stock’s value rises and falls over a given timeframe. It’s frequently distributed in blue. 

At that point, you have support and resistance. 

These are the stock costs past which stock is probably not going to move. Resistance is the highest point of the range — when a stock breaks obstruction, it moves higher than anticipated in cost. Support sits at the base. The stock’s cost is probably not going to fall underneath that line. 

At the point when a stock’s value moves outside its present degrees of help and obstruction, new lines are drawn. This is the way dealers decide. For example, in case you’re purchasing a stock, you would need to purchase in at or simply over the help. In case you’re selling, you need to get out before it hits resistance— except if, obviously, you’re envisioning a breakout. 

At the point when a stock breaks the resistance, it transcends that key line and is viewed as a breakout. In the event that it falls beneath help, it’s a breakout. This is frequently when the genuine cash gets made. 

The point here is that chart technical analysis recounts to a stock’s story. You can take a gander at a diagram that traverses 10 years or one that speaks to only one moment of value activity. Intraday charts, for the most part, separate into far briefer timeframes in light of the fact that you need to purchase and sell before the close of the market. 

When picking a free stock chart, think about your budget as well as your personal preferences. Most online stock chart services offer both free and premium membership depending on your stock trading needs. Besides evaluating whether you need a premium membership or not it is also important to take into account other factors that include:

Scalability & Continuity 

Investing For Beginners: How To Read A Stock Chart

The exact opposite thing you need to do after you get familiar with a stock trading software is to need to change to a superior one when you exceed the limitations of the first one. Some stock chart programs essentially do not have the subtlety and granularity expected to make quick, accurate selections about your trades. 

Pennystocking, for example, includes exploiting unstable stocks with huge positions. On the off chance that you don’t have a quick charting program that will enable you to confine examples and view past value developments, you won’t get numerous chances to gain profit. 


Untidy charts are horrible to see, patterns are practically difficult to see, and my eyes get worn out after only a couple of minutes. Frequently, the issue is that you’re not ready to separate a short enough window to determine how the stock is performing. 

Cleanliness additionally applies to the product program’s UI. Could you effectively explore the screens you need? Are there alternate routes or hotkeys that may enable you to work quicker? Are the text styles easy to examine? 


Does the program/software enable you to modify technical indicator parameters? Would you be able to look over various stock varieties? Shouldn’t something be said about viewing different securities at the same time? 

Each trader is unique in his own way. The characteristics and attributes I search for in a stock chart trading software may be totally not the same as what you need. Make a rundown of the characteristics you totally need the product to have just like an outline of great-but-not-necessary highlights. 

It’s sort of like purchasing a house. You stroll in with your list of things to get and scratch off everything. On the off chance that there are rewards, you’re significantly bound to purchase.

Benefits of free stock charts 

Let’s finish this article with a few details about the possibility that gives you the current online trading platforms access to extremely modern, powerful but also customizable stock charts. Indeed, these graphics can be handled as you see fit and offer very practical features like:

  • The ability to simultaneously display multiple technical indicators on a single graph for a given asset to obtain multiple signals at a glance.
  • The ability to place orders directly from the price graph of an asset or to place stop or limit orders to secure its positions.
  • The possibility to choose between different types of displays or change time period at any time.

As you can see, the possibilities offered by these online stock charts are numerous and it would be a shame to do without it. Remember also that if the graphics analysis remains an essential analysis before taking any position on the market, you must use it in parallel of a good fundamental analysis only to maximize your chances and the relevance of the signals obtained.

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