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Top 5 Cryptocurrencies Mining Software

Cryptocurrencies are termed as monies of the future by many people. To have these currencies, one has to mine them. Mining software is very essential for this operation. It’s vital to be aware of the latest mining software to improve a miner’s experience. The software should fit one’s needs. One should select a site that allows mining of various coins other than Bitcoin. There are various soft wares that should be among a person’s choice. They include


It’s the most popular GPU/FPGA/ASIC cryptocurrency mining software the market has to offer. The beauty of selecting this software is that it’s cross-platform. Meaning it can be used with Windows, Mac OS or Linux. The software has features that include overclocking, fan speed control as well as remote interface capabilities. It offers the self-detection of new blocks with a mini database. Selecting this software enables one to have adequate solutions to handle mining operations.


It’s designed for FPGA and ASIC mining. However, it doesn’t focus on GPUs. It has a watchdog thread that easily detects threads that are idle. It stops failed reconnection thus sparing a person’s resources. It’s a super versatile program which has an option to installing on Raspberry Pi. The software is focused on tweaking the audience and has dynamic clocking features.



One can decide to mine solo or in a pool. This software provides an option for both. It’s user-friendly software for miners who don’t like working on popular command line interface base mining tools. The main feature is configuring miners. The software provides performance graphs that offer easy visualization of mining activities.



It ranks highly because of its ease of usage among beginners. Upon installation, the tools detect installed mining hardware and create tables with all relevant information. This software allows one to choose the coins they prefer to mine.

One can also select a mining strategy and remotely access their rig. It has tooltips to aids one be familiar with complicated mining terminologies. This software allows power users to select options such as direct access to API settings as well as engine arguments.



The software is an official mining pool. It supports ASIC boost thus being among the soft wares that use the latest mining hardware. It charges a mining fee of 1%. It assures one to have a good mining speed and long polling thus reducing stale work. It offers simple installation and makes Bitcoin mining easier with higher payouts. Its pool site is informative as well as approachable. Bitminter offers a user-friendly graphic interface that allows miners to interact with the Bitcoin blockchain.


By checking out the top cryptocurrency mining software one has a rough idea on what to select. One has to be extra careful while downloading links. Some of these soft wares are a potential way to get hacked and vital information stolen. A person should download the software from real sites to avoid bogus sites. After getting legit software one can enjoy mining various cryptocurrencies.

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