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4 Ways a Customer Relationship Management System Can Supplement B2B Marketing

Sales has evolved over the years, and it’s now not just about attracting leads to your brands, it’s about converting them into customers and retaining them as well.  In the B2B landscape, customer relationship management has never been more important. Businesses are more clued up than your average consumer to the sales tactics of brands, and they need to feel like they are appreciated and getting a high level of service.  In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the ways a customer relationship management (CRM) system can supplement your B2B marketing efforts.

1. Meet Targeted Goals Through Customized Solutions

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Every CRM system is different in the services that it offers, but to make a significant impact on your marketing efforts, you need one that can be customized to your requirements.  A good CRM system will enable you to create a list of marketing goals, and then help you meet them through automated tasks and reporting. This list can help you to determine the features that the top CRM systems offer; if we were to recommend one from this list in particular, we’d suggest HubSpot; especially if you’re already using the HubSpot inbound marketing platform.

2. Boost the Appearance of Competence

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As mentioned above, businesses expect you to show a higher level of competence than the average consumer, and a CRM system can help you to do just that.  A CRM can help to store past phone calls, feedback, and all other kinds of data so that when your sales team are talking to a prospective lead, they only need to look at this information to deliver a targeted service.  The more competent your team appears, the more chance you will have of securing the leads you are after and turning them into paying customers.

3. You Can Target Your Marketing Based on the Data Available

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In the past, most companies used to send the same marketing emails to every lead they had; however, this is not only a waste of time, but it can also lead to negative feedback.  A CRM can help you to determine the interests of each lead, and also see how close they are to finalizing a transaction with your company.  This data can help your sales team to send targeted marketing to warm leads while leaving those who are colder alone. You can also focus on more niche marketing with this method.

4. You Can Automate Reminders to Follow Up on Leads

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Finally, a CRM system can help to remind you to contact businesses that you may otherwise have forgotten about.  It’s tempting for a business to focus purely on their strongest leads; however, while this is important, you also don’t want to risk important accounts stagnating.  You can set up your CRM system to remind your sales team to contact businesses who may not have responded to your initial marketing efforts. In some cases, those responsible for purchasing may have been too busy when you initially reached out, as opposed to just disinterested.

As you can see from the above, a CRM system can supplement B2B marketing in many different ways.

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