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Have Humans Become Overly Dependent upon Technology?

Has technology become something that we’re overly reliant on today? The answer to deep questions like this is never easy, but I will endeavour to cover this topic in a meaningful way and write my college research paper. What one has to consider when looking at this subject is the question of what would happen if all the technology in your life were to simply disappear?

Well, if such a thing were to occur, then much of the planet would fall into chaos within minutes! Those actually are the most developed countries that would notice this change most acutely. There would be no online services anymore, not even the online plagiarism checker by StudyMoose. So, let’s go through a typical day in a world where modern technology doesn’t exist:

First of all, there would be no alarm to wake you up. Want to call your boss to let him know that you’re going to be in late? That’s not so easy to do now without a cellphone, and even modern-day landlines depend on technology to work. So, you’re just going to have to let them know once you arrive.

Now, you have to actually get to work. Not so easy now, as cars, trucks, and buses are all heavily dependent on technology to be assembled and to function. You wouldn’t want to really commute to work that way anyway, as there are no traffic lights to direct traffic! There might be some police to help out, but let’s face it, they have better things to do in this chaotic world. Getting some breakfast on the way? Not so easy as all of the fast food places would have to cook using an old-fashioned wood-fired stove, so be ready for a line.

Life Without Technology Would Be A Nightmare

So, after that exhaustingly long walk to work, you’re finally ready to start your day. Not so fast, there’s no electricity and no computers. These days, almost every job requires some form of technology. With no modern-day tools to use, you’re going to perform fewer tasks and it’s going to take a long time to get many of them done.

At the end of the day, be ready for another really long walk home, but hey, you can always save up and buy a horse! Once you’ve reached home, you’re relegated to cooking your dinner on an old stove, using coal or wood.

Now, you’re ready to kick back and relax! Right? Wrong. A number of tasks around the house that we take for granted as being simple and quick will take much more effort and time to accomplish now. You need a clean suit to wear to work tomorrow? Well, you’re either slapping your clothes against a rock in the river or using a washboard and a pale. Those dishes you used for supper? You’re going to have to clean them by hand, as there are no dishwashers now. That dirty carpet you need to clean? It’s going to take longer now without a vacuum.

After that, you won’t be watching television, and you won’t be watching a movie on your tablet or laptop. Those don’t exist now. I hope you really enjoy reading books, a lot of books.

So, have we become overly dependent on technology? The answer is that we probably have. However, technology is also part of evolution. It’s a tool that we use to improve life, and without it, we would be living in caves and cooking over an open fire! All in all, we may be dependent on technology, but it does make our lives better and easier. What’s so bad about that?

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