Top 5 Tools for Making Your Social Media Feeds More Interactive

Have you ever wished that your social media accounts could be more interactive? While you enjoy talking with customers through direct messages and comment sections, there is not much else for them to do besides browse and chat. True, third-party games exist on many platforms that users enjoy playing, but video games are not suitable for every brand. Is there a way to connect with your customers on a less shallow level?

There are tools out there, fortunately, that enable you to make your brand’s social media channels more hands-on. You do not need to be an advanced programmer or developer to spice up your Instagram feed so that there is more activity possible than looking at it—here are a few resources that can make your profiles and campaigns more exciting:



Curalate, previously known as Like2Buy, is particularly advantageous for ecommerce brands that use social media for marketing their products. Instagram, for instance, does not allow you to include links in your posts; only one in your bio, and some in your Stories if you are over the required follower threshold.

Curalate, however, makes any platform shoppable because it enables you to link photos to other online locations. For example, doing so makes it easier for followers to shop for items and find product pages. Curalate can also help you identify influencers that would make advantageous partners and increase revenue per site visit.



Hashtagsforlikes is not precisely for making your profile more interactive, but it does help you build your audience. You have a lot to do when it comes to both creating intriguing content and doing what it takes to make yourself noticeable. When you partner with Hashtagsforlikes, you do not have to worry about the tedious aspects of Instagram, such as liking other users’ posts and commenting on them—instead, your time is free to focus on publishing content that engages your followers while your audience seems to grow itself.



People will sometimes like or comment on posts that strike their fancy. “Cool photo,” sometimes they say, or something along the lines of, “I learned a lot from this video.” Sure, it’s engagement—but if you want reactions more lively than that, then it helps to give people some incentive.

With Woobox, you can easily create and manage giveaways, contests, quizzes, polls, and other interactive opportunities. Contests and giveaways are excellent ways to get followers excited about something and offer a reward for their participation. Questionnaires and surveys are also opportunities to let your followers’ voices and opinions be heard. Many of your followers want to engage with you more deeply, but it’s up to you to facilitate it.

Instagram Stories

Many social media users seek chances to engage but do not want full-blown conversations over direct messages on Facebook and Twitter. Instagram Stories offer a unique mid-way point through its polls and Q&A features: instead of having a back-and-forth, people can share their one-off thoughts with you and be anonymous when you respond. Online marketing expert Amy Porterfield says:

“I love how I am able to connect directly with my audience through Instagram Story DMs. It’s a game changer. Because of the ‘Ask Me a Question’ feature, I have been able to not only see where my audience is struggling in their online businesses, but also offer real-time, personal solutions to help them. In the past, I’ve felt a bit disconnected from my community across the various social media channels, but this has brought a new level of engagement that feels real to me and ultimately helps my business grow.”

Many people will not go out of their way to ask questions or share their thoughts with you, but Instagram Stories allows you to reach out first.



According to Apester’s website, it is “a plug-and-play platform for the creation and distribution of mobile-friendly interactive content, engaging your users in the narratives they read.” Most of your audience probably use their phones to browse social media, so mobile-friendly storytelling is a perfect way to engage them.

With Apester, you can create polls and quizzes (similar to Snapchat stories—and who doesn’t love an opportunity to share their ideas?), boost your audience, piece together information from what your followers are telling you, and monetize your stories. What uses do you see for genuinely attention-grabbing native advertisements?

Social media is an essential tool for any marketer, but sometimes, not even captivating content is enough. People seek more activity than simply looking and your photos and watching your videos, so it pays to make your accounts as interactive as possible. What are your preferred tools for making social media more exciting?

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