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How to Settle New Staff in Your Business

Bringing in new faces to your business is always an exciting time. You will be able to make new friends and contacts by broadening your team, and you’ll be nourishing and revitalizing your core team with new ideas, knowledge, and expertise. The problem, though, is that is can take weeks, and sometimes months for new employees to settle into their roles. Onboarding efficiency is an important part of a business – and this article will help you make your new staff onboarding as pain-free and exciting as possible.

Personable and Affable

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It’s always a challenge, meeting new people in a place of work. Even for the most extroverted and confident of workers, you will still need to ensure that you’re friendly and personable with them as you show them around your business. If the new impression that you give your staff is one of compromise and understanding, they’ll be more comfortable with the feeling that they might make a mistake in their first weeks in the job. If they sense you’re strict and austere, they may panic and be less comfortable in their new roles.

Showing the Ropes

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When you bring in a new person to work in your company, there’s an awful lot to show them. Indeed, some of this is stipulated by law – like fire exits and health and safety information – while other information is specific to the job they’ll be doing. Some of the information points you need to transmit include:

  • All the facilities – like the coffee machines, the water machine, kitchen toilets, and showers
  • The different team members, the different team desks, and the telephone numbers for important individuals
  • The computer systems that you use, and some login information to help them access vital resources
  • The supervisors, managers, and tutors within the business who they’ll be working alongside
  • Some of the other office-specific information – like when the fire alarm test tends to happen

All of this can be achieved either through a long onboarding booklet or through a more technologically enhanced onboarding process. Make use of an Employee Onboarding Tool to help you map out all that a new face needs to know when they enter and work within your business for the first time.

Team Building

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A new team member is always going to take a few weeks to settle in and feel like part of the team. After all, other employees may have worked together for months and years before the new individual joined. As such, it’s important to make time for your staff to head out and bond as a newly shaped team. You can do this in different ways, including through:

  • Fitness or adventure camps
  • Nights out on the town
  • Games like bowling, darts, pool or escape rooms
  • Meals and other formal activities

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With ease and comfort, two incredibly important factors in your new team member’s wellbeing, it’s important that they’re encouraged to gel with the team in their initial weeks in the job.

These simple tips will help you get new team members settled in perfectly after they join to work with your company.

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