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Why Use Royalty Free Music?

In production royalty free music refers to music tracks that lack a continuing royalty payment requirement. Royalty free music tracks are used in an assortment of various creative industries and live events. Despite not necessarily being top 40 music such tracks are still technically impressive and enjoyable pieces of music. Royalty free music offers several advantages for your personal and professional projects that are detailed below.

The Advantages Royalty Free Music Offers

  • Long Term Use: when you buy a license for a royalty free music track you retain the right to use it for an indefinite period of time. This means you can make use of it now or years from now or make use of it as a common track when producing material. A varied collection of royalty free music is easy to use and keep track of without the need to keep up with expensive fears or agreements that only allow you to use a piece of music for a set period of time.     
  • A One Time Fee:  a key advantage of royalty free music is that it’s easy to budget for. You pay a singular onetime fee to make use of the audio track as you desire. With music that isn’t royalty free the costs are a lot more complex and harder to keep track of. For example, even after paying the fee to use a song you also have to pay additional fees (royalties) to the original copyright holder of the audio track any time it’s used in a commercial project. What defines a commercial project can be a little abstract in the modern age of content sharing and creation. This is due to the fact many video hosting platforms allow monetization of content and play ads during uploads.   
  • Lack of Copyright Concerns: if you’ve ever watched videos on a video sharing platform you are likely familiar with how far-reaching copyright law can be. As noted above using a song without permission for a commercial application can result in the video being taken down and in some cases legal actions taken for monies owed. By using royalty free music, you don’t have to worry about unclear copyright as when you purchase the right to use a royalty free song you also gain the right to use it in commercial applications as you see fit.  
  • Flexibility In How You Use It: once you purchase the right to use a royalty free music track you can use it in a multitude of different projects. A track that you like can be used in every video you make or in those fitting a specific series or theme with the choice being entirely yours. Royalty fees and associated laws are quite complex and often even with right purchased a song with associated royalties may only be used on certain projects, in certain material, in a specific way, or during a specified time frame. When compared royalty free music is far less complex to make use of and allows you greater creative freedom.    

As the above four reasons show royalty free music has plenty to offer and a lot of advantages even if it’s not in any of the trending music charts of the day. You gain greater flexibility in use and far less legal concerns in addition to having cheaper (but still quality) music.

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