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What Is The Career Scope For Graduates With A Degree In Liberal Studies?

Liberal arts has steadily found itself on the list of popular career choices. If you have a degree in liberal arts, you can get a career in business, government, or social services. There is so much for you to choose from, and you have no reason to limit yourself. Some liberal arts majors even combine their degrees with other subjects, such as teacher training. Hence, it is easy to see why students are choosing to go into liberal arts. It is possibly the only sector that lets you combine your personality with your profession. 

You also learn about a variety of subjects, including art, history, philosophy, and technology. With so many options at your fingertips, here’s what you can do with a liberal arts degree:

1. Journalism

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As a journalist, you can join the globalized media industry. You will get an opportunity to work in the newsroom and production team with your skills. The more you mingle in the newsroom, the better you get at investigating real-life cases. If you explore stories, you’ll get a chance to write about exciting pieces that could make the front cover. If you pursue your career smartly, you can be a reliable source of information for the public. So why not take a chance with journalism? 

2. Customer Service Representative 

Businesses need a strong presence as a part of their customer service representation. If you want to make a mark, there are ample opportunities available online to upgrade your skills. You can learn the ropes by enrolling in short courses or a diploma to learn more about customer relations and business acumen. Even if you register for undergraduate or post-graduate liberal studies online degree, you can excel in this field and have a promising career. Your job entails making sure customers are happy with their current services and what you can do to make their experience even better. You will work with all kinds of customers, from those who need their orders processed to address any issues they have while interacting with your business. Customer representatives also talk to consumers over chat and on the phone to answer their questions. 

3. Editor

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If you enjoy reading what other writers submit, then you should consider professional editing. You can choose to work for different publishing houses and even be a chief editor. Your job will include reading all kinds of content and deciphering whether it’s worth the spot on the magazine or not. Before anything goes for posting or printing, it is your job to make sure that every inch of the content pulls together. You don’t want haphazard information that is vague or doesn’t make sense. Therefore, when the range comes in your direction, make sure you smooth all edges. If you’re good at your job, you could very well train your team and recruit members. 

4. Human Resources

Having a liberal arts degree doesn’t mean you can’t work in the corporate sector. Your extensive knowledge of people and technology makes you a perfect fit for the field. As an HR specialist, you’ll be responsible for training people in the office. It is your job to make sure that they’re aware of all company policies and actively abides. HR also makes you responsible for some company decisions, such as what the company needs more and what it needs to get rid of.

5. Advertising Sales Representative

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It is another field in the corporate sector. In this field, you’re assisting businesses to make for better marketing strategies. You may help companies find a space to put out their business, such as advising them what social areas they should use. You can even create ads and put them up online for a reasonable price. You can choose to work in small firms or large corporations depending on how many higher-up clients you want. Advertisements are essential for businesses, so they’ll never bail on this method. However, you’ll need to work hard to stand out and grab their attention among other advertisement agencies.

6. Salesperson 

If you think making sales is redundant in this day and age, think again. There are conventions, seminars, and conferences held all for the sole purpose of enticing people about products and making a sale. As a salesperson, you may require people’s skills, a bit of customer psychology, and customer service skills to educate potential customers on why your product is worth their money. If you’re good at your job, you’ll make a serious profit for industries and help their business go to the next level. 

7. Real Estate Agent

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While studying liberal arts, you may have given a lot of presentations. Think of real estate as one elaborate presentation to pitch to your clients. Your goal is to get a good number of clients to show interest in the house you’re trying to sell. It would mean you would have to prepare yourself for any questions they may have. Take them on tour around the house and let your creativity guide you. Don’t just show them around the rooms; interact. Let your consumers feel attracted to the place you’re showing them by throwing them visuals of what their future life may look like if they buy from you. 

8. Director of Public Relations

Have you heard of damage control? This is what this career is all about. Your job is to ensure that a company’s reputation is always flawless and pristine no matter what the circumstances. You may even cultivate relationships with publishers and news agencies, especially when you want to represent the company in a particular light. Suppose the organization you work for is under threat. In that case, it is your job to sweep away all negative press and issue public statements that are diplomatic and help steer the media in another direction.

9. Management Consultant

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Businesses need a sound management system to help them decide where the company lacks and where it does well. As a management consultant, you will be responsible for evaluating reviews and individual employees. You will issue orders on improving their services, such as maybe they need additional training or courses. You may also inform the organization if you feel new additions need to go into the sector. Such as perhaps you want to introduce another department.

Wrap Up

A career in liberal arts goes beyond burying your nose in books all day and having discussions on them. While studying, you learn various subjects, pick up on different topics and even work on your interpersonal skills in the process. Liberal art majors are suitable for most careers, as it gives you the endurance and the talent to prosper in any sector of your choice. You can work in the corporate sector and help organizations bring their A-game forward. You can also represent organizations as their representative in various roles. So, if anyone ever holds you back from pursuing liberal arts, remind them what this field consists of and what it can for you. You no longer need to feel limited by following traditional careers.

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