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10 Core SEO Concepts Your Business Needs Right Now

Most individuals understand that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical aspect of any successful online marketing campaign. Teams often maximize their use of the best tools available and optimize their websites, web pages, and content to compete for higher rankings. 

Despite the techniques and best practices spread around, however, there are 10 core concepts about SEO that could significantly shift the tide in your favor:

Design Makes or Breaks Interest

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Leaving a positive first impression on your page viewers is priceless when it comes to SEO. One look at a poorly designed website can push prospects to leave without giving the site a second thought. On the other hand, intuitive, well-organized, and visually appealing pages take them a step closer to conversion. Follow established design guidelines to obtain the best results.

Targeting the Right Keywords Makes Marketing More Effective

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Having experienced SEO experts like the team from strategically include keywords in your blog posts and product pages boosts your credibility. Learn about the keywords your competitors use to determine how difficult it would be to rank for it. In cases where you may be up against big-name brands, consider targeting similar keywords instead. Doing so allows you to reach your target audience without being drowned out by higher-ranking pages. 

Having Attractive Titles Boosts Your Click-Through Rate and Page Ranking

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With every other element remaining the same, a simple title change could encourage prospects to click on your web page’s search result. Over time, this could land it higher on search results pages. The higher ranking then may intrigue more prospects, draw more attention, and continue the cycle.

SEO Results Don’t Happen Overnight

There is no single perfect SEO algorithm. Using the top techniques and strategies in the industry only boosts your online ranking, but does not guarantee instant results. Thus, working with a team that promises results that sound too good to be true should serve as a warning flag. Plan more of your long-term goals and avoid agreeing to any Black Hat SEO techniques like keyword stuffing, link schemes, hidden text, and more.

Object Detection Is a Ranking Signal

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Despite not being the most obvious or prioritized factor, object recognition helps Google reduce false positives in search results. Through identifying the content within the image, search engines now have an additional ranking layer that users cannot easily tamper with. This further encourages SEO analysts to shift their efforts to building appropriate metadata and analyzing how the images affect different marketing scenarios.

Search Evaluators Monitor Search Results Quality

The Google search engine does not solely rely on its algorithms. In reality, around 40,000 precision evaluations are done by search evaluators. They follow definite guidelines that focus on the overall search experience, rating a page’s quality, whether the users’ needs are met, and how to use the evaluation platform as a whole.

Viral Content is not Predictable 

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Popular content can attract great business across industries and markets. But while experienced advertisers can strategically craft viral content, attempting to do so is not recommended for smaller businesses. Instead, focus on appealing to your local audience and dedicate your resources to addressing their needs. 

Social Proof Influences Decision Making

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Implementing marketing strategies that interlink your web pages and social media accounts can make a significant difference. When done properly, the content shown on your site may appear across your prospects’ social networks. Oftentimes, this further becomes social proof. Users who come across posts with captions that friends have followed certain brands or liked specific posts may be more likely to develop in the same brand.

Incoming Links are not Automatically Beneficial

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Generally speaking, the more web pages link back to yours, the more competitive of an advantage you have. However, link building and establishing domain authority is more than acquiring as many links as you can. The quality of these links matters, so it’s better to have fewer but high-quality links than more links of dubious quality.

Events are Ranked According to Popularity

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While inbound links are typically used to help determine a page’s ranking, events will be ranked based on their initial and modified popularity scores. The change is done to assist individuals in areas where multiple events occur during the same time frame. This essentially makes it easier for them to attend events that may interest them.

Never Stop Learning About SEO

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SEO strategies continue changing and adapting over time to meet users’ needs. Conduct enough research to better understand your target audience and use these 10 tips to boost your current campaigns’ performances. Meanwhile, keep your eyes and ears open for more developments in the industry.

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