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Website Design for Dummies: The Beginner’s Guide to Web Design

Web design is an integral part of web development. People with an artistic side will probably enjoy dealing with web design. However, it’s not only about aesthetics. Web design is a functional piece of art. It’s crucial to understand the elements of arts that will work in this regard and work perfectly on the website. Hiring a web design company could help if there’s a need to publish the page soon. 

Start with something simple

Even if it’s exciting to jump into the hard part right away, web design must start with something simple. Running a blog is an excellent start. It’s easier to design and also helps in understanding how content management works. Blog templates are easier to put together. It’s also important to deeply understand how HTML, CSS, and Javascript work. They serve as the foundation of web design and are useful in making customizations in the future. If a blog doesn’t cut it, another option is to build a site to showcase photography skills or a different passion. 

Study what other designers do

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It also helps to understand the point of view of other designers. Some of them have been in this industry for a while, and their work can be inspiring. It doesn’t mean that the elements of their designs should be on the website. Understanding them would be useful. Pinterest is an excellent site for getting inspiration. Other websites are also perfect for styling a page with different themes. 

Get inspired by other sources

UX in real life

Looking at websites isn’t the only way to get web design inspiration. After all, it’s a work of art. Anything can inspire an artist. The key is to develop an eye for design and analyzing how it works in any medium. Graphic novels, fabric patterns, and landscapes are among the perfect sources of inspiration for web design. 

Learn web design courses

There are plenty of resources available online for those who want to learn the basics of web design. Some courses teach HTML, CSS, and other simple computer languages. Coding courses are also available. Some sites offer them for free, while others have a paid version. YouTube tutorials are also an excellent alternative for those who want someone explaining the process in detail. 

Understand typography 

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It might seem weird that people pay too much attention to typefaces. The truth is that it is part of web design. They can spell the difference between a professional-looking website and one that looks like a child made it. The typeface may also vary depending on the target audience and the chosen theme. Understanding the font that works for the business could even help in the branding efforts. 

Prepare the possible content 

Although aesthetic appeal is crucial in web design, the content also plays an important role. Potential visitors aren’t always after the page’s visual appeal but only after the specific information. It doesn’t have to be perfect from the start. It’s easy to edit content and optimize it later for Google. Determining which content to put into the page is vital in web design. It also helps to identify which one comes up first. The rest could be in different tabs that are easy to navigate for people who want to learn more. 

Understand UX basics


UX or user experience is everything in web design. It refers to how the users would feel while browsing the page. It includes the color scheme, layout, photos, typography, and animations. They have to come together to create an appealing page. UX focuses on what the audience wants to see. Therefore, it needs to be simple and intuitive. The presentation of content should be in a logical flow. Some web designers might feel enticed to showcase plenty of skills at the expense of website usability. Understanding what the target audiences want can help meet their demands. It also helps to have a clearer understanding of user experience. 

Start designing with the help of a WordPress web Design Company

Web design is complex, and no one gets it right the first time. It’s a process, and it could take a while to master the basics. It helps to try now and see where it goes. It’s also helpful to take notes of the details that seem difficult and improve them later. After creating the initial design, it also helps to ask for feedback from other people. Experts who have been in the web design business for a while will give quality feedback to help create a better website in the future. 

Don’t overthink

The problem with some web designers is that they consider several elements and get overwhelmed. Sure, there are plenty of details to consider, but they shouldn’t be an excuse to overthink. Start the process and learn from it. Keep it simple and easy to understand. Again, it always goes back to what the people want to see and experience while using the website. Although artistic elements play a role, web design isn’t about having the best work of art. It’s a functional piece of art that doesn’t only give attention to the aesthetic elements. It might also seem scary at first since it’s a huge endeavor. 

Keep learning

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After the first try, there will be realizations about the website made. For instance, if the color scheme used was terrible, it should get changed in the future. Learning has no limits, and it applies to web design. Eventually, things will be easier to deal with. It also helps to learn something new and use it in future web design endeavors. 

Even seasoned web designers started from scratch. They didn’t become excellent overnight. They also didn’t understand the elements of web design in a snap. It’s a process, and it takes time to get things done. If web design is too difficult, and the company needs to publish a website soon, a WordPress web design company could go a long way. Hiring specialists who know how the process works can be useful. 

Understand The Basics Of Hosting 

Once you’ve put every ounce of effort into designing the most beautiful website, the next most important focus has to be hosting. You need to find a way to actually publish and maintain your platform in order to allow users to navigate through your website for the foreseeable future, and this takes a quality hosting provider with a proven track record to help you meet your goals. The team over at Buy Hosting compare a huge variety of different providers that offer a range of unique selling points, so take some time to search around and seek out the most suitable provider for your website’s unique needs. By seeking out a quality provider, your website can expect to suffer from far less downtime, allowing customers to navigate through your posts and products at any time of day or night. A website that does experience frequent downtime is likely to be seen as less authentic by search engine providers, encouraging your rank to drop dramatically. A quality web hosting service can also offer an upgraded level of safety and security, such as ‘HTTPS’ URL’s that have an extra layer of defence. Once you have managed to master the basics of hosting, you will be able to publish your fresh new website for all to appreciate, and watch as visitors start to roll in. Don’t forget to research SEO protocols to further boost your rank in search engine results. 

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