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3 Reasons to Invest in Link Building Services

If you own, manage, or publish content for a website, you would undoubtedly have heard about link building. Link building is essential for SEO, and, when done right, results in unprecedented traffic and conversions, depending on your business goals. But some still don’t understand link building or its benefits, so they don’t see why they should invest in it. If this is you, then this article is for you.

Before you can see or understand the reasons why investing in link building services is a good idea, you must first understand the importance of link building. In 2016, Google revealed that links are one of the top two factors that determine how well pages rank, and experts estimate that Google’s algorithm considers about 200 factors when ranking a page. That’s a lot of factors that some might consider too voluminous to adhere to, and Google does not reveal these factors. But they did say that links are one of the top two so that makes links imperative.

And how important is ranking highly on Google SERPs? We’ll put it like this: Google processes about 3.5 billion searches per day and statistics show that there is a 95 percent drop in traffic between the first and second pages of Google’s SERP. This means that 95 percent of people who search do not go past the first page. The third page has 78 percent less traffic than the second. Now imagine if your website was on the sixth page of Google’s SERP, how much traffic do you reckon you’ll get? Not much. And that’s bad for business. And since search is one of the leading methods of online advertising you cannot afford to not take advantage of it.

That being said, here are two other reasons why your business needs link building services.

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Unprecedented Free Exposure

We said that search is one of the leading methods of online advertising, but that’s usually paid search, otherwise known as pay-per-click. But you can advertise at a cost so low—compared to PPC—it might as well be free. Here’s what we mean:

Statistically speaking, a $1 PPC ad on Google yields a revenue of $2. So if we were to go that route, to make $1000 you’d have to spend $500; theoretically speaking, of course, and assuming you can convert everyone who clicks on the ad. However, with organic search, you could reach roughly the same number of consumers without having to pay for every click, so even if you are unable to convert the number of people you originally planned to, you’re not losing any money. Now, this rests on the assumption that your website is on the first page of Google’s SERP, and to do that you’ll have to spend money on a link building or a good link building service. But with link building, you pay only once and enjoy all traffic that results from it, whether it leads to conversions or not.

Long-Lasting Impressions


Paid ads remain functional only as long as you fund them. Once you stop funding them, they disappear. However, this is not the case with link building. Leading link building services like SearchAtlas, through a single link building campaign, can generate traffic for months, sometimes for years, and you only pay the initial charge.

Link building also has a compounding effect. Several years of link building efforts result in a stronger brand authority both online and offline. Consistent successful link building efforts will build your brand as an authority in your market. And the more authoritative and trustworthy your brand becomes, the more organic traffic you’ll get free because other websites in your niche will link to yours without you having to lift a finger.

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