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4 Exciting Trends on Instagram for Better Reach

Now we all know the “some folks follow trends while others set them” saying. And to an extent, that is very true. 

On social media though, that saying really comes to life when we’re met with original content creators and the aims they’ve envisioned. 

These cheeky tricks are so good sometimes, they switch up the complete Instagram game and change the way we interact with our audiences. 

Some trends are seasonal, we get to wave them goodbye every now and then. Others are too good to let go and are here to stay. In this blog, they are the ones we’ll be discussing.

Taco Tuesday

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Every brand, account, and online community has its own sort of “holiday” or weekly activity. And even without a steady and large follower base, setting some traditions early on is a good idea. 

It will help you personalize your online image and create transparency head-on. 

Come up with an original idea, brand it, and dedicate a whole day to it! For example, every Saturday is Story Saturday where your followers can submit funny, scary, or emotional stories you will later post on your IG Stories. You can even save all of them under a Highlight to make sure all the newer faces read it too.

Bottom line, create an activity where both you and your followers can equally participate and be active on your page! Plus, if you share their content or stories, they will repost it to their own account, showcasing you to their family and friends. This is how to increase engagement on instagram – make your message be heard!

Make Friends & Leave Comments

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This is nothing new to most of us, however, this approach is a more calculated way of targeting users. Looking for your peers within your demographic, especially if you are a business or influencer is vital for growth.

This could open collaboration, sponsorship, and account expansion opportunities. The more reputable you become within your niche, the better chances you have of being spotted amongst their own audience members. 

Due to style and interest similarity, the majority of them are bound to check you out and even follow you. You will be much easier to find too. Especially considering the fact you’ll be recommended to all of their most active users. 

As for the leaving comments bit, don’t be shy and leave a compliment under their posts! You could make someone’s day and get noticed by their followers. A win-win if you ask us.

Post & Make Memes

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Internet memes have become a large part of internet and pop culture today. What was once an exclusively underground trend amongst closed communities and users is now the new norm. Even within the biggest brands and companies out there.

Reposting the most popular and laughter-provoking memes to your Story is good, but making your own, company-oriented memes is even better. It’s like a brand and audience inside joke that’s exclusive to you guys only. 

This deepens the connection between the two of you, as it sends out open invitations to others who want to join!

Let’s face it, laughter and jokes are always the best ice breaker. 

Instagram Giveaways

These guys are the ultimate engagement and reach boosters of Instagram. Anyone and everyone who has hosted a Giveaway, and did it correctly, has benefited immensely

Here’s what you need to know, the extremely shortened version:

  • Pick a theme and brand the Giveaway around it.
  • Pick a good prize that’s high in quality. 
  • Choose the entry rules and make sure the audience understands them.
  • Promote the Giveaway everywhere you can.
  • Wish the participants good luck!

Depending on what rules you’ve set, the Giveaway post and your profile with it are bound to be shared. After the Giveaway is over, you’ll be left with a whole lot of engagement and quite a few new faces on your page. And the lucky winner will, well, receive the prize!

When done right, this cool Instagram trend can truly bring so much good to your page. Good luck!

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