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21st Century Digital Business: Moving Forward Into 2017

Like life in general, the world of business is constantly updating.

There are new developments in ways of working, management methods, technology and of course business practices. The emergence of the internet has kick-started a revolution that doesn’t look like it is stopping any time soon and if you’re not riding the coattails of the digital age, you certainly should be. If you already are, it’s possible that you could be doing much, much better.

It’s time to take the fight to 2017 and truly equip your business to not only be future proofed but to make use of all the digital age has to offer. Welcome to the 21st century!

Firstly, your website should be in good condition. If it’s breaking down under the strain and weight of aging and inefficient coding, you need to get this sorted out. The website is your digital storefront and offers as the best promotional tool for your business and if your customers can’t use it because it’s clunky and old, it’s going to turn them away from you and towards a competitor. You can save yourself a major headache by revamping your website every few years to make sure modern browsers are able to run it. Don’t be too flashy, as GIFS and videos can build up and clog many mobile devices. Don’t go over the top. Seek help from professionals if you require it.

Your website should also offer an ecommerce site. If you can sell your products, services, and goods in a physical manner, you should try and find solutions to sell them on the web. If you can offer as many avenues as possible to sell your goods, you’ll sell more. Offer your customer options.

Now you’ve got your digital house in order; it’s time to get some visitors. Traffic is key and the more eyeballs on your products, the better. If you get more visitors, ideally you will have more customers. If you aren’t using social media to drive people towards your site, you should change this. Social media is an amazing tool that not only enables you to promote your goods, but allows you to speak to your target audience on an individual basis. So not only can sites such as Twitter and Facebook function as promotional weapons for your business, but they serve as great customer service platforms.


To deal with all the incoming traffic, you will be receiving; you are going to need to look into storage and hosting solutions to bear the weight of your popularity. Think of it as a highway into your business, if there isn’t enough room for the traffic, the traffic will jam and cause congestion. If your on-site servers aren’t prepared for heavy web traffic, look into off-site hosting to ensure your website doesn’t collapse at a critical time. An option like server colocation is something to consider as there are many benefits to colocation, and renting servers offers you an avenue for flexible storage.

If your desk is heaving under the weight of USB-sticks and portable hard-drives, then be sure to look to the cloud for the solution. Uploading your files and data to the cloud allows your systems to take a breather from carrying the weight of your business. The cloud also presents a great way of backing up crucial data in the case of a system failure. Not only that, but cloud-based storage options like Google Drive (and other commercial options) allow you to access your files across the globe as long as you’ve got a connection to the web. You can also make amendments to your documents, invoices and spreadsheets and collaborate on work with your clients. You don’t have to base your business around it, but you can certainly use the cloud for the options that it presents to your business.

How To Stay On Top Of The Latest Technology Trends

Of course, if you’re moving too far ahead with technology, make sure that your systems can handle it. If you don’t update your systems, they will be left behind and will fail when you are relying on them the most. Look into upgrading your operating systems and if you’re unsure, consult a professional. These are not tasks that you should handle alone if you’re not up for it.

No business should be out-of-date with tech and digital developments in 2016, but it’s possible. That being said, if you’re running before you can walk, you are going to encounter issues and problems. Take it one step at a time and bring help on board if you require it. Business is all about collaboration, so make sure that you build the best team and systems to support your business in 2017.

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