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5 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Business

Technology is revolutionizing the way we do everything in our private lives and in our businesses. Your business is certainly using some tech, but are you taking full advantage of all the ways technology can improve your business?

It Can Help You Hire Better

A face-scanning algorithm increasingly decides whether you deserve the job

A bad hire is a huge expense. Recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding a new employee is costly and time-consuming. Unfortunately, those aren’t the only ways a bad hire can cost you.

A bad hire can tank the enthusiasm and productivity of the whole team, wasting others’ time as they fix the bad hire’s mistakes. 

In the worst case, the whole team may sink to the level of the weakest link, ruining productivity and morale at the same time. Bad hires can also destroy your reputation with your customers in ways it could take months or even years to repair. 

With employee assessment software, however, it’s technology to the rescue. This software allows you to test applicants on their skills and personality before you even consider hiring them. 

It Can Speed Up Productivity

How much time are you losing trying to keep people connected and teams together? Do you know how much time employees are actually spending on tasks and how much is being wasted online?

You may also be losing out because your people lose track of their goals. And when you’re not keeping careful track of everyone’s productivity and progress, you might not be rewarding successes in a way that keeps everyone motivated.

Business productivity software lets you track progress and monitor employee productivity throughout the day. It can be configured to send out regular reminders of goals and deadlines and to alert you when each stage of a project gets done and who was involved.  

It Can Streamline Your Work

There are dozens of tasks your people do every day that could be sped up with the right software. Yet many companies are stuck in the dark ages doing tasks the old way.

An online javascript beautifier is just one example of a tool that makes life easier. You simply cut and paste your javascript code and the site will adjust it to optimize formatting and make it easy to read without performing a left-to-right parse.

Passwords are another time sink. Employees regularly forget passwords to individual logins, constantly request new ones, and sometimes use unsafe ones to avoid the problem altogether. Setting everyone up with something like 1Password protects you from breaches while speeding up login tasks.

It Can Keep You Above Your Competitors

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Just by speeding up productivity, finding good hires more easily, and making everyday tasks easier, you’ll get a leg up on the competition. But there’s more that technology can do for you in this area.

Business analytics software can download lists of your competitor’s Twitter followers, giving you a clear idea of who to target with your Twitter ads.

With something as simple as Google Ads, you can keyword target your competitors’ terms and brands so that every time they send out an email, an ad for your product ends up in inboxes with it.

It Can Improve Security

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In the digital age, security is a key concern, and technology can help here, too. Software or hardware firewalls can quickly analyze all the data coming through your network and block anything that doesn’t meet your security configurations.

With a business virtual private network (VPN), you and all your employees can safely (and simply) log on from anywhere in the world with certainty that bad actors can’t even see you.

Simple encoding software can encrypt your important information, like employee ID numbers and bank account information, at both ends. Once you set it up, it only takes about a minute longer to open and close files than it otherwise would, and even if an unauthorized person gets access to your data, they won’t be able to use it.

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