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6 Benefits Of Using Ticketless Valet Applications

Public parking spaces require good management standards, which many organizations can’t measure up to. Delays and customers dissatisfaction are common in this aspect, but also easily preventable. For example, organizations and busineses that have managed to get some headway in parking space management typically had to outsource to valet service providers who have profited off the company and its customers. 

Interestingly, valets aren’t disposable to most companies where customer satisfaction is a top priority. Ticket valet applications offer a solution to eliminating the inefficiencies of the traditional valet system while still retaining the much-needed human aspect of customer service. This article discusses six benefits of using ticketless valet applications:

1. Revenue Increase

Ticketless valet applications are a considerably more efficient parking system, which can increase in parking and core business revenues for your business. It reduces the labor cost of managing your parking lot by eliminating the need for hiring managers and supervisors. 

The valet parking service’s convenience is another incentive that drives customer patronage for many businesses. The difficulty associated with parking at an establishment can dissuade customers from bringing their vehicles, a decision that is bound to reduce their patronage of these businessses. This translates to parking and business revenue losses.

2. Improved Vehicular Security And Multi-platform Payment Methods

Vehicular security is enhanced with ticketless valet applications as customers and valets can take advantage of photo-based technologies to verify the state of vehicles while handing over the keys and before driving out of a facility. These applications also feature guest access controls, which minimize the movement of unverified persons into the parking lot.

Payments can be carried out via multiple means, including cash, debit, and credit cards. In the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, where contactless payment has become important, ticketless valet platforms have integrated systems to make such methods possible. These include the use of barcodes, QR codes, and third-party digital payment platforms. 

3. Stops Fraudulent Customer Tricks

Ford, Bosch and Bedrock announce an automated valet parking garage in Detroit

There will always be customers who play fraudulent tricks to profit off a business or avoid routine ticket payments. Some of the fraudulent tricks people play include reusing paper tickets, false damage claims, and validation sticker scams. With a ticketless valet application, you can avoid any of these fraudulent schemes with appropriate customer activity tracking.

The lane inspection used in select valet parking software and systems provides an updated tool for present car conditions with Pixar damage technology. This technology can be tailored to all business operation scales. As the cars pass through valet inspection lanes, their existing conditions are rendered using the Pixar damage technology to create vivid images you can refer to when verifying any damage claims. 

4. Efficient Record Keeping And Performance Tracking

All the records relating to each valet and car parked is kept efficiently in a functional and multipurpose dashboard. The records of all parking space activities are appropriately recorded and accessible via the dashboard. The functional dashboard can be checked to track individual valet performances, which helps determine the turnover the valet is making for the company or business.

The dashboard is also updated in real-time, thereby eliminating the risk of any piece of information being lost during peak operation times. It also offers locational tracking, which minimizes the risk that any of the valets will neglect their job responsibilities. Furthermore, it helps notify waiting customers the estimated distance and time they’ll be getting their cars. Some of the data tracked on these applications include request times, parking, and retrieval information. 

5. Seamless Communication Between Customers And Valets

The communication channel for customers used to involve a long process that typically delayed customers before leaving the area. With ticketless valet applications that provide access to customer request kiosks, the customer can communicate with valets when they’re ready to retrieve their cars. This greatly shrinks the delay time for customers who are waiting to get their cars.

Users of electronic personal assistants can also take advantage of valet integrated technologies such as CVPS’ Valexa to reach any department in the business. These features enable the communication process to go on smoothly for customers, businesses, and valets.

6. Paperless Policy Adoption And Reduced Loss Of Tickets

There’s a prevalent campaign for businesses to reduce their paper use due to the negative impact of paper production on the environment. Businesses can take the initiative to be environmentally responsible by using these modern valet applications, which eliminate the use of paper. 

This also translates to lesser running costs for business and reduces the instances where customers have complaints about lost tickets at the point of retrieval.

Final Thoughts

Overall improvement in customer experiences is one of the key achievements of ticketless valet applications. They’re able to elevate your customer’s experience through reduced queue times and improved communication channels. Satisfied customers are bound to be back to enjoy your services, which translates to increased revenues for your company.

These applications also help ensure increased revenues by fostering efficient record keeping and valet performance tracking. Improved organization image is also achieved because these applications use paperless technology when it comes to the printing of tickets.

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