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Should you Move or Buy a New Car?

The decision of moving or buying a new car at the time of relocation depends on several factors. No one can give you a certain answer to this question. Moving a car is not a cheap option, you need to pay hundreds of dollars even your life’s savings in shipping your car. At the same time, buying a new car is also not an inexpensive affair. The most trusted vehicle shipping companies in the network of Moving Feedback state that the cost to move a car depends on several factors such as the distance, size of your car, and type of shipping option you choose. Sometimes, do you know it is more beneficial to sell this car and to buy a new one at the new location instead of the move while sometimes moving is a better option?

Tip: The decision can be taken based on the current cost of your car. If your car worth is higher then moving could be a better option. In most cases, shipping is a great option when you can drive the car to a new location but when it comes to cross country move then buying the car in the new country is a better option.

Why should you ship your car?

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There are numerous advantages to moving your car. Have a look at the certain advantages of car shipping.

  • Safe

Shipping your car with the help of professional auto movers is quite a safer option. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the damage to the car during transportation. Once you hire experts in shipping cars, you don’t have to worry about the harsh conditions of the weather or any accident because it will be the responsibility of the movers to send your car safely at the new address.

  • Convenient

Hire the auto shippers and you will get your car at the delivery address. You don’t have to worry about anything, all you have to do is just hire the right professional auto shippers to get the job done and the rest will be done by the professionals. For you, the process is quite convenient.

  • Cheaper option

Compared to the option that you have to buy a new car at the new location, shipping your car is a cheaper option. And especially when you are moving within the same country then shipping is a cheaper option than that of buying a new car at a new location.

  • The car helps ship a lot of other items

You can also move and load a lot of other household belongings in the car and then drive your car on your own to the new location. This is such a better option and you don’t have to think about any other option.

These are the things that make shipping a better option than buying a new car. It is quite a cheaper and convenient option in most cases.

Why should you buy your car?

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Sometimes, selling a car and buying a new one at the new location is a good option. If you are moving out of the country then shipping is an expensive option. Have a look at why you should buy a car at a new location. 

  • You can upgrade your car

If you are planning to upgrade your vehicle then this is a great time to buy your car. Sell your present car now and look for the available car options in your budget and buy a new one.

  • Moving cross country is an expensive option

Moving your car out of the country is an expensive option. It makes sense of selling your car at the old location and buying a new one at the new location.

  • Car shipping cost is eliminated

You don’t have to pay the movers any single penny. You can save all those rupees and can save your hard-earned money.

Cost comparison between shipping and buying a new car

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When it comes to deciding whether shipping is a better option or buying a car is a better option then, first of all, you should consider your financial capacity. The cost of shipping a car depends on its size, weight, distance, and the type of mode you want to transport the vehicle. While you might not be ready to move your car now but selling it and then buying at a new place is always an expensive option than this. 

Buying a vehicle means you also have to pay lots of other hidden costs such as sales tax, registration fees, title fees, finance charges, and insurance costs. So, in the end, we can say that buying a car is not an easier option while shipping a car with the help of professional car shippers is quite a convenient and cheaper option.


Before you take any decision, make sure you consider all the factors such as the worth of your car, the distance to travel, and so on. Do not add any unwanted moving expense to your moving cost. Make sure you consider all the cost aspects thoroughly including all the benefits and then decide whether you should move or buy a new car.  

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