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8 Great Career Options for Marketing Majors

A lot of people don’t realize how vast the field of marketing is. But marketing is more technology-driven than ever, requiring people with a diverse set of skills. The industry doesn’t only need people who understand branding, demographics, and how to connect with an audience; it also needs professionals who can reach customers through new platforms and formats, crunch data to devise more powerful and efficient campaigns, and coordinate cross-disciplinary teams. This gives majors an almost infinite number of positions they can fill. Here are some of the best career options for marketing majors.

Admissions Representative

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Few marketers think of academia when it comes to marketing jobs. But faculties still need to make themselves attractive to prospective students and build a brand for themselves. 

The job of the admission office is to market universities not only to students but to their parents as well. As an admission representative, you will be asked to:

  • Guide students through the admissions process
  • Help them with applications
  • Assess their skills
  • Discuss their career goals
  • Help them find the best program and career path for them

Marketing majors have the perfect set of skills to do the job. They have the research skills necessary and a thorough knowledge of different marketing strategies to help promote institutions.

Marketing majors who are able to reach students where they are, engage them, discover interest, and showcase some of the benefits of enrolling with their institutions will be successful as admissions representatives. They will also need to have some presentation and event planning skills in order to coordinate and manage open house and various other admissions programs.

Product/Brand Manager

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Product or brand manager is a common field for new marketing majors. The job of a brand manager is to oversee the marketing of a service or product at every level. They usually start as sales reps, assistants, or development programs trainees before moving to an advanced degree.

To be a brand manager, you’ll need to understand things such as product development, marketing research, and advertising, which is all part of a marketing major. You’ll also need to have good analytical skills in order to be able to spot trends relating to a product. Brand managers will be responsible for hiring and supervising teams responsible for conducting advertising, research, and media planning regarding their brands.

You’ll also need to have some essential soft skills to be a good product manager. For instance, communication and presentation skills will come in handy when trying to expand budgets or make product proposals to executives. 

Event/Meeting Planners

Events can be very powerful marketing tools, and allow brands to reach their audience and connect with it directly. Professional conferences, training conferences, and promotional events all need someone who can anticipate the preferences and needs of an audience, and deliver.

The goal of event planning in this case is about more than simply showing attendees a good time, but getting results. You have to make the whole event conducive to your final goal. Marketing majors who had experience holding special events on campus would be wise to explore the possibilities in corporate event planning. As a corporate event planner, you might be asked to organize:

  • Shareholder briefings
  • Industry or employee award ceremonies
  • Product launches
  • Customer social events
  • Press conferences
  • Seminars

This is also a great field for people who’d like to work independently. However, you can also work for an event company if you don’t like the idea of having to hunt for clients. 

If you want to be successful as a corporate event planner, you will need to have good leadership skills as you’ll be working with teams and various providers. You’ll also need to have good organization skills. Good communication skills will be essential as well.


If you really want to make a difference, and use your formation as a force for good, then working as a fundraiser could be a great career choice. It can also be a very fulfilling career as well. 

The best part of the job is getting pledges,” said UNICEF fundraiser Enoch Akhaine. “When you get someone to commit to monthly donations, you feel like the plane has successfully landed. Being in the sky can be tough, when you don’t get any pledges, but when you get 2 or 3 pledges, it settles your day. That’s my favorite part of the job,” he added.

As a fundraiser, you could work for a nonprofit organization, or could even decide to work on a campaign for office. Politicians are always looking for people with an understanding of marketing in order to promote their fundraising efforts.

At the end of the day, fundraising is all about marketing organizations to potential donors. It’s also about showing how their money will benefit the cause and being able to show results in a concrete and simple way. The job of a fundraiser is to capture the interest of donors and develop communications that will allow them to emphasize the key service their organizations provide.

Marketing majors will benefit from the presentation and soft skills they’ll learn through their studies. They will also need to tap into these skills to organize events and secure sponsorships.

Marketing Assistant

It is common for marketing professionals to work with new graduates who will help them conduct routine tasks or support duties. Some of these include:

  • Mailing brochures
  • Analyze sales results
  • Applying marketing and sales trends
  • Writing newsletters
  • Organize trade show products
  • Help develop campaigns

This is a great opportunity for new students to earn their chops and add some lines to their resume. Students who want to work as marketing assistants will also need to have good organizational and event planning skills in order to coordinate promotional initiatives. 

You will also need to use the communication and writing skills you’ve learned in your program in order to compose and revise marketing material. Assistants also need to have a good knowledge of social media in order to increase their brand’s visibility online. 

Market Research Analyst

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Market research analysts play one of the most vital roles in marketing today. And while they always have done, they are even more needed today with the importance digital marketing plays in marketing strategies.

Market research analysts carry out and design consumer reaction assessments to services and products, packaging, and advertising teams. They compile, interpret, and organize data using statistical tools and software. Some of their tasks include:

  • Monitoring and forecasting sales and marketing trends
  • Measure the success of marketing strategies and programs 
  • Evaluate and devise methods for gathering data, such as questionnaires, opinion polls, and surveys
  • Compile data on competitors, market conditions, and consumers, competitors, and market conditions
  • Convert complex findings and data into understandable graphs, written reports, and tables
  • Preparing reports and presenting results to management and clients

In order to be successful as a market research analyst, you will need to have great analytical and mathematical skills. You’ll also need some good research skills, and the right formation as well.

The natural path for those wanting to work as a market research analyst is to get a bachelors in marketing or business, then move to a master’s in a major like digital marketing and data analytics for instance. Schools like Emerson College online have a great DMDA online program that professionals can follow while keeping their current position.

You’ll learn things such as digital campaign creation, brand storytelling, and advanced consumer insights among other things. And the most beautiful thing is that you could get your masters in as little as one year. If you want to learn more about Emerson College, and what their online DMDA program has to offer, you can click here.

Media Planner

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The main goal of a media planner is to measure and determine which media would be the most effective to reach their core audience. They are responsible for monitoring the ebb and flow of customers across platforms and formats, and quickly assess which ones are worth the investment.

This is a great field for students who have a good sense of organization, are systemic, and comfortable with quantitative thinking. Having a natural interest in media is another great attribute if you want to succeed. 

Public Relations Representative

This is another great position for marketing majors who have a deep understanding and fascination with media. Your job as a PR representative will be to monitor and help mold the perception the public has of a brand, product, or organization.

As a public relations representative, you will need to be a great problem solver, and be able to work under pressure. You’ll also need to have elite communication skills. This a good career path if you want to have a more direct impact and contact with your client base.

All of these career paths will allow you to use your skills as a marketer. Many of these also pay very well and allow you to work in a wide variety of settings. Make sure that you consider which ones would be best suited to your attributes and interest, and don’t hesitate to ask for a second opinion.

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