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7 Ways to Inspire Creative Thinking in Your Team

The best business ideas aren’t accidents. They bloom out of clever thoughts and strategic implementation. However, it’s not always easy to solve problems or devise new plans. Even the most talented, dedicated team can end up on a dead-end path at times. When this happens, it’s time to think outside the box to reignite the flame and encourage creative thinking in your team. Follow these tips to get started:

1. Enjoy a Change of Scenery

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Staring at the same four walls each day stunts the imagination. It’s tricky to concoct new ideas when everything is always the same. That’s why a change of scenery is sometimes needed. Consider moving the next meeting to a different room in the building or another location entirely. Renting an event space near me is one of the easiest ways to get a team’s creative juices flowing.

2. Have a Clear Objective

Too many people equate creativity with abstraction. However, the two don’t really go hand-in-hand. In the business world, it’s better to enter any meeting with a clear objective and agenda. This direct approach gives everyone on the team a better understanding of the end goal and will help them come up with more cohesive ideas.

3. Listen to All Ideas

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Not every idea is a brilliant one, but it’s still crucial to listen to them all. For instance, if someone recommends something that didn’t work out in previous years, discuss how to prevent similar obstacles. If a plan would break the budget, come up with ways to cut costs. An open-ended conversation creates a non-judgmental environment and ultimately yields better results.

4. Welcome Failure

Creativity involves taking risks, and sometimes seemingly good ideas fail. Instead of dwelling on the negatives, consider rewarding everyone for their efforts. Pinpoint the reason the plan failed, and discuss how to do things differently the next time. After all, it usually takes a few setbacks before finally landing on an idea that really works.

5. Work as a Group

When it comes to building a business, it takes a village. According to the American Psychological Association, working in groups results in better reasoning and decision making. Instead of relying on one person to solve the problem at hand, let the entire creative department bounce ideas off each other. As it turns out, two heads are better than one.

6. Make It a Game

Merely giving creatives a blank piece of paper isn’t always enough to solve a problem. Even the most skilled person on the team needs a bit of encouragement. Instead of telling everyone to brainstorm ideas, consider turning the process into a game. Have one person write down a possible solution and pass it around the table. Each employee should add to the idea until it blossoms into something viable.

7. Let Ideas Marinade

While the boss may want instant results after a team meeting, things usually take longer to resolve. Being put on the spot to come up with a solution may cause more anxiety than creativity. Instead, let the team take time to really think about the problem. Allow them enough space and freedom to develop innovative solutions without rushing the process. After all, good things happen to those who wait.

Maximize the Creative Thinking Process

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Every business runs into different problems and situations. Tackling these challenges head-on requires a team of skilled creatives. Cultivating a work environment that encourages creativity instead of stifling it will put your company on a successful path.

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