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6 In-Demand & High-Paying Freelance Jobs in 2021: With Salary

Most In-Demand Freelance Skills in 2021 – Let’s Find Out

If you’re an aspiring freelancer and are looking for high-paying freelance jobs, then this blog has all the information you need! 

The beauty of freelancing is that you could be present anywhere around the world like India, UK, the Philippines, or even Singapore and offer your services in another part of the world.

Thus, hang in there as we unfold the most-in-demand and highest-paying freelance jobs. 

COVID-19 highlights the stark difference between skilled freelancers and gig workers, but both need protections

For all the unversed, freelancing is a career model wherein you have to offer your services to a brand/company without being a full-time employee for them.

The best part is that you will be your boss and you get to decide who you work with and when. 

Check out some more benefits of being a freelancer and you will surely be convinced that starting a freelancing career is the right choice for you. 

Without further delay, let’s start understanding the career opportunities in front of you for a high-paying digital marketing job.

6 Most In-Demand & High-Paying Freelance Skills 

1. Content Writing

Content Writing is considered one of the best freelance jobs for beginners. Reason being, that anyone with a flair for writing and command over the language can divulge into content writing. 

Creativity and a detailed research methodology are 2 key components you’ll need for content writing. 

Today, the importance of maintaining a blog is picking up tremendously among small as well as large companies. Businesses maintain an upbeat blog section. Thus, the need for content writers is massive. 

A tip here would be to acquaint yourself with SEO as there is a special demand for content writers who can churn out SEO-optimised content. 

And this also pays you well as compared to writing content pieces without the integration of SEO. 

Register for this Online SEO Course to upskill yourself with SEO and learn how you can make use of it while content writing.

Given below is the average salary that a freelance content writer can earn globally per hour: 

Source: Payscale

2. Web Development

Having an online presence is the prerequisite for a successful business in today’s day and age. This means, having a user-friendly website is a must-have. This is where web developers come in.

The job of a web developer is to build a website from scratch and maintain the website throughout. A lot goes into building a website and maintaining it. 

This job can be done from anywhere in the world if you have a strong internet connection and a laptop/computer that supports heavy files and editing. 

And with every company in need of a website, being a freelance web developer is a good career choice in 2021 and beyond. 

WordPress is a very popular tool to build websites from scratch which requires little to no knowledge of coding. Here’s an Online WordPress Course if you wish to explore more. 

Given below is the average salary of a freelance web developer globally: 

Source: Payscale

3. Video Editors

Who doesn’t love watching some catchy and engaging videos? We all sure do. And this has significantly given a boost to video creation and marketing. 

Brands are using as many video content pieces as possible to engage users while marketing their products.

But video content does well only if it has been edited well. Video editors are an integral part of making a video look good and attractive. 

Thus, the need for good video editors is on a rise and now is the right time to pick on this high-paying freelance career. 

Take a look at how much you can potentially earn as a freelance video editor: 

Source: Payscale

4. Graphic Designing 

The same goes here for this skill. With the amount of content that an average person consumes on a daily basis on various platforms, it is very important for businesses to stand out from their competitors.

This means having good creatives. And that’s the job of a graphic designer. Being creative, thinking out of the box, some knowledge on content and copywriting, and most importantly, being proficient in Photoshop is all it takes to become a desirable graphic designer. 

Each company has to churn out content on a daily basis which ultimately means that a graphic designer will never run out of work! 

Here’s the average salary of a freelance graphic designer: 

Source: Payscale

5. Social Media Specialist

It’s no secret that almost everyone today is present on some of the social media platforms. This makes a piece of good news for marketers as they can capture a larger global audience while also being able to filter them on specific criteria. 

And all of this is possible at very affordable prices. Thus, it makes perfect sense for every company to practice social media marketing.

But, with all companies going gaga over social media marketing, now it has become important to hire a professional social media specialist who can bring results amidst cut-throat competition. 

A social media specialist is responsible for handling the company’s social media accounts, deciding the content that will go on it, running paid advertising campaigns and creating awareness amongst the target audience. 

So if you think you can make a good social media specialist for a brand, we’d recommend you to start today by signing up for this Online Social Media Marketing Course that prepares you for handling the social media marketing of any company/brand in the industry. 

This is what the potential average salary of a social media specialist looks like: 

Source: Payscale

6. Digital Marketing 

Since the introduction of digital marketing in marketing activities, it has been unstoppable. It has changed the way companies are operating today and brought in massive results and profits for companies.

The scope of digital marketing is very bright and promising and it has also become something that many students aspire to pursue in the future. 

Digital marketing is the marketing effort using digital online channels. The skills that come under digital marketing are SEO, SEM, SMM, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Copywriting, Web Development, Google Analytics, E-commerce Management, Media Planning, ASO, ORM, and Ad Designing. 

Being an all-rounder digital marketer is surely going to make you a desirable candidate for some of the top companies you want to work for. 

The career opportunities in digital marketing are equally charging and you can freelance most of the digital marketing skills. This widens the horizon in your freelancing career.

If you wish to start learning digital marketing from the industry’s finest, opt for IIDE’s 3-month Online Digital Marketing Course and you will be ready to kick-start a successful and high-paying freelance career very soon. 

Look at the average salary of a digital marketing specialist globally:

Source: Payscale

We hope this list has helped you gain direction towards your career. But before we part ways, here are some highest-paying freelance websites to look out for followed by some additional tips to become a freelancer. 

Best High-Paying Freelance Websites To Sign Up On:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • Simply Hired
  • PeoplePerHour
  • 99 Designs
  • Nexxt 
  • TaskRabbit
  • Guru
  • FlexJobs

Additional Insights for Freelancers

3 Ways to Utilize Gig Economy Freelancers to Transform Your Business

The golden rule should be to become an expert first at the service you are intending to offer. With the pool of freelancers expanding each day, you must be the best at what you do to bag high-paying clients.

Two necessary things to keep in mind are first, decide the amount you would like to charge for your services and the additional charges applicable as and when there are some major changes made in the project.

Be very clear when you communicate your charges to avoid any confusion or brawl in the future.

Secondly, constantly create a digital portfolio of all of your works to display to the client as this is a very important deciding factor in getting hired. 

Don’t lose hope in the beginning as it is difficult to bag freelance gigs, but once you’ve established yourself, good business will follow automatically. 

Good luck with your future endeavors!

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