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Making Your Business Blog Work

Have you been procrastinating about setting up a business blog? Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs do the same thing out of fear that the job is overwhelmingly difficult. It’s not. In fact, you need zero technical skills to create a solid, relevant, attractive blog for your company. If you can handle the technical challenge of sending and receiving emails, then you can start blogging within an hour. If the whole idea is foreign to you, here are the key concepts you’ll need to get going.

Set Up the Basics

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There are dozens of free online tools for bloggers. For starters, you’ll need to decide whether to host it on your current website or make it a stand-alone entity. It’s almost always to your advantage to do all your blogging on your main business site. Keep it either as its own section or as an add-on to another content page. Fortunately, your current web host almost certainly has a built-in function for prospective bloggers. Ask one of the reps about blogs and see how your host handles the situation. Chances are, you simply need to tweak your website to get started. The challenges you face are not in the technical arrangements, but in the content.

Get Your Own House in Order

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Entrepreneurs know that it costs money to run a company, even a small one. There are expenses associated with blogging, particularly if you plan to outsource much of the content writing. That’s why job one for any owner should be getting personal finances in perfect order. Only by taking this crucial step will you be able to free up the necessary capital to run your company the way it ought to be run.

One of the fastest, most effective ways of clearing up your non-business debts, and possibly improving your credit scores in the process, is to take out a personal loan from a private lender. You can use the proceeds to pay off high-interest credit cards, a car loan, medical bills, and other annoying debt that is keeping your personal financial picture unsettled. Plus, you can finance what you need in order to eliminate high-interest obligations. The beauty of private lenders is that they offer competitive rates and you can shop around for the best deals at your leisure.

Add Content Regularly

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If you like reading other company’s blogs, think for a minute about what brings you back. For most readers, it’s regular, fresh content. That’s why you need to put something like ‘write today’s post’ on your calendar and do it as early in the day as possible. You can even write a few evergreen posts for those days when you just don’t feel up to writing. Keep a half-dozen such pieces in a separate file, ready to be used on a moment’s notice.

Choose Interesting Content

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Put yourself in the readers’ shoes. Add posts that answer questions they might have, or are otherwise relevant to what your company does. For example, if you operate a tax preparation business, do posts about new IRS regulations, tax laws, and personal deductions.

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