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Tips for Basement Renovation

A basement can increase the square footage of your home without eating up landscaping or garden space, which is a valuable asset for just about any homeowner. However, if you’re just using your basement to store odds and ends or act as an extended pantry, you are really missing out on the potential that your basement has to offer both for your enjoyment of your home and for your home’s value when you sell it.

Here are a few tips for your basement renovation:

Waterproof Thoroughly

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You may not notice a bit of water seeping through the walls or leaking into the basement when the basement is just being used to store things, but when the time comes to refinish your basement, moisture can become a serious problem. Furthermore, moisture getting into your basement can result in the development of mold, which is problematic for the health of your entire household.

If you want to protect your basement from water damage and ensure a dry and healthy environment, consider installing a vapor barrier in basement. A vapor barrier in the basement acts as a protective layer, preventing moisture from seeping through the walls and causing potential damage. This barrier can help maintain a stable humidity level and minimize the risk of mold growth. 

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Brickworks Property Restoration can thoroughly seal your basement so that water will not seep in through the walls or drift in through leaks, setting the stage for your basement renovation.

Create Clever Storage

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Just because you are renovating your basement to be used as an extra room in your home does not mean that you need to sacrifice storage. There are all kinds of ways to enable storage while enjoying the use of your basement. Here are just a few tactics:

  • Shelving below the ceiling. Installing heavy-duty shelving all along the ceiling can give you hundreds of square feet of storage while not taking up any floor space at all. If your basement has a reasonably high ceiling, this is a tactic you don’t want to miss out on.
  • Create a false wall. A simple fake wall or room divider is a great way to visibly separate your storage space from the rest of the basement. Since many basements have room to spare, you may not even notice the lost space.

Try Full-Spectrum Lights

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Many basements have very limited or no natural light, which can make it feel a bit unpleasant to be in them. Rather than only using your basement in the evening when you don’t notice the lack of natural light, try using full-spectrum lights to imitate natural daylight. Placing a few plants underneath them can increase the sense of a natural, welcoming space rather than a cave-like environment.

Enjoy a Finished Basement

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A basement renovation can give you an entirely new room and a lot more space to enjoy in your house. By being sure that the groundwork is laid by waterproofing your basement, enabling storage and living space, and using natural light to make your basement feel less like a basement, you may find it becomes one of your favorite rooms in the house.

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