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The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Software Development

An idea of creating fantastic software can pop up in your head at any time. You can be at a business meeting, in a coffee shop, driving on the highway, or going to sleep. Before jumping to making your thoughts a reality, your idea should go through several stages. For example, research will help you understand if your target audience needs it or if they want something else.

When research is complete and the idea is correctly formulated, you should decide the way of your project development. Technically, there are two paths: You can either hire your own developers and engineers or find a third-party agency that will handle this task. If you already have a developing team, outsourcing still can be an option for you since your specialists may not have the necessary expertise.

If you never worked with software development houses before, here is a short guide about what to expect from it. 

Advantages of outsourcing agencies

Here are the benefits of hiring an outside team for your software project.

Same quality with fewer costs

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The size of the outsourcing market allows you to pick any team at any rate. As a result, you don’t have to hire indoor specialists and spend money on their salaries, bonuses, payroll taxes, and training. Also, there is no need to buy quite expensive hardware and software for working. Everything is done by the outsource team.

Moreover, geographical boundaries are erased. Though high-quality talents are still expensive, you can choose a country where the rate correlates with talents the most.

Relevant and well-trained talents

If you decide to find a third-party agency for completing your software project, you will have access to a broader pool of specialists. These experts have been developing web, mobile, desktop, and tablet apps for years. They know what the market wants and can guide you through the peculiarities of software managing and maintenance. Whether it’s a small mobile-focused software hub or a huge full stack development company, they will boost your sales by bringing up the necessary expertise.

Easy to pivot

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Your project may very well change its direction or require more functionality. If this happens, outsource team is more flexible and can allocate additional resources and expertise more quickly. When the project is finished, all charges are stopped unless you decide to continue working with the same team on a different project.

Disadvantages of outsourcing agencies

Despite the benefits of outsourcing development, there are possible drawbacks that you should take into account.

Remote management

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If you hired a team from a different country, be ready for some pitfalls. For example, your team can be located in another time zone, so communication may be hard to organize. When it’s a late evening for you, it may be an early morning for them. Be patient and proactive. 

Another issue is the language barrier. Not all developers know English well enough, so be sure at least one specialist of the team can speak it well so they can explain the working process to you.

Security risks

It’s a common practice for all software development houses to sign a non-disclosure agreement with clients so their information stays protected. Still, no one is safe from system errors or negligence. When you share your company’s data with a third party, there is always a chance that it can get to other hands. Such a risk is higher if a project you are going to outsource requires personal data usage. You should be attentive to what you share with your partners.

Different approaches to business

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You should not forget that software development agencies are businesses too. All companies have their own way of doing things and there is a chance that yours can differ from your partner’s. For a client, such a lack of correlation can cause frustration and feeling of losing control. That’s why it’s important to discuss possible bottlenecks beforehand and find a compromise.

Final words

Third-party teams are fast, experienced, and flexible, but are harder to manage can be less secure. In the end, outsource or not outsource—it’s all a matter of choice. Weigh up all pros and cons and decide what way of software development is more preferable to you.

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